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10 Psychological Triggers to MAKE PEOPLE BUY From YOU! (How to Increase Conversions)


Don’t you hate it when you get all those visitors come to your site and no one really buys? Today, I’m going to break down 10 physiological triggers that make people buy from you.

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I’m going to break down 10 things that can help you generate more sales. It’s going to be pretty quick, some of these you may know, but I bet you’re not using them all. And if you did, you’re going to start getting more sales from it.

The first tactic, availability and scarcity. Have you ever been on Amazon and noticed that they’ll show you that, hey, there’s only five items left, and when they do that, a lot of people, it pushes them over the edge to get them to purchase. Not only that, but from what we’ve tested, when you actually show how many items you have left, if it’s a small number, we actually see a higher checkout completion rate so you’re generating more sales. Now, you don’t want to lie, and here’s what I mean by this. Some companies are like, hey, we have 1,000 left, but let’s only say we have five left. That’s unethical, you don’t want to do that.

The second thing is novelty. Great example of this is Elon Musk’s flamethrower. Everyone was like, oh, cool, here’s a flamethrower, and check out this image that you can see on screen of the flamethrower. I wanted one of them, it was a novelty, they got sold out before I could even buy them, but at first, they were selling a lot of them. It is just so cool, I was like, aw as a kid I would see those flamethrowers, I want one of them. That’s example of novelty. Then you have authority.

So, authority makes a huge difference. More neutral example of this is Elon Musk, if Elon Musk sells something, I know there’s some people that don’t like him, but Elon Musk, he has a big fan base including me, and if he sells something like that flamethrower, I’m probably one of the first people that try to buy it. Then you have urgency.

Next tactic, it’s a reason why. Think about it. Why is someone buying? There has to be a good reason. Is it the novelty, is it that you’re solving a problem? If you can explain how your solution solves their problem, such as Ubersuggest, one of my softwares, people buy it, there’s a free version but people buy it, because they’re like, oh cool, I want extra help to getting rankings faster, and people buy it because we offer coaching and a lot of other things in our paid membership. Gives them a reason why.

Another tactic that works so well is having a common enemy. A lot of times if you can make someone out to be a villain and you don’t want to pick on someone, but it could be a concept or a strategy, or it could be our group, like this is an extreme example, like terrorists, right.

If you have a common example, and you’re saying, hey we’re a nonprofit, and if you donate here, it’ll help fund these groups that’ll combat these terrorist organizations and make sure that women can still get education, or that people could live and have good human rights, that’s the example of coming up with a common enemy.

Then you have anticipation. You know how Apple does their launches? It’s like, ooh, I think they’re going to release a Macbook, oh, I want to buy this new phone, I want to buy this watch, and they do this launch. That’s an example of anticipation.

Now you got social proof. People don’t want to be the first one through the door and getting bloody, and being like, aw is this going to be good, is it going to work, is it not? You want social proof from reviews to testimonials to star ratings. This all helps people become really comfortable.

You also want to use significance. Was it significant to purchase? Does it make them look better? Does it make them be perceived as a certain way? That really does help.

And the last strategy tactic that you should be using, is community. If they feel that they can be part of a community, when I used to sell info products, I would let people be a part of a community where we all help each other grow, it was great. I had fun in the community, I had fun helping people out. Plus, everyone else loved it because they knew they were getting help from not just me but other people, who are going through the same thing as them.

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