10 Things That Happen in Shawn Mendes’ Netflix Documentary That You Need to See!



10 Things That Happen in Shawn Mendes' Netflix Documentary That You Need to See!

We’re just a few days away from the premiere of Shawn Mendes‘ brand new documentary In Wonder, which will start streaming on Netflix on November 23.

We’re lucky enough to get an early screener of the documentary and you can find many things we know fans are going to enjoy when they watch it!

The documentary follows Shawn about his world tour and he opens up with his stardom, connections, and musical future. You know his girlfriend Camila Cabello will be featured in the doc and you also ’ll certainly want to find out what she reveals.

Shawn can be preparing to drop his forthcoming album Wonder, which can be released on December 4. Check out his new tune “Monster” containing Justin Bieber and watch the new music video!

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First and foremost, the documentary provides you 75+ minutes of unprecedented access to Shawn including never-before-scene footage.
Camila shares her side of the story on the way she Shawn fulfilled and when they actually hit it off.

You will get a front seat show to Shawn’s 104-show tour, which grossed nearly $97 million.
Shawn takes one on a private tour of his grand house in Toronto, where he made all those Vine videos that went viral.

You get to meet Shawn’s cute sister Aailyah, that shares that which Shawn thought about becoming famous before hitting himself.
Shawn provides us a summit of the Toronto apartment also takes us to get a ride in his Tesla. The car actually starts pushing itself at one point!

Seeing the psychological turmoil that Shawn goes through over canceling one excursion date is tragic.
Shawn actually erupts into just how normal his life has become and the way he actually craves small town mentality. “I really like those [tour] performances. I’ve never had more fun in my entire life, but at exactly the exact identical time, I also just want to hang with my parents and also watch films, push around a suburb, lay on a football field, smoke a joint and stare at the stars with my friends and eat some beef jerky. (Laughs) really small-town thoughts. I believe I actually miss a little bit today. It’s quite intense all of the time. ”

Shawn opens up the pages to his own manifestation journal and stocks the hopes and visions he had and some they even come to fruition.
You’ll get to rewatch THAT shower scene over and over again.

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