2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan: 6 Cool Facts



The Cullinan is a huge deal, rather than because it weighs nearly 6,000 pounds. Although Rolls-Royce’s SUV begins rolling into drives this vacation season, you don’t need to wait around for you to look under a freakishly big Christmas tree to find out more about it. As we found when we drove the 2019 Cullinan, the Rolls-Royce is more of a scenic super-luxury cruiser than the usual quick and posh back-road carver. Great. But just how much can you really know about the 563-hp, 12-cylinder Rolls-Royce Cullinan? Continue reading for six trendy facts about the brand newest SUV.

Trend Alert

Rolls-Royce states it’s starting to hear interest from a few customers who need an alternative to high-quality leather. Such an option may become available to the Cullinan down the line, but not before the appropriate, no-compromises leather choice is found, one representative advised us. We’ve begun to see superior materials on lower-priced luxury cars, by a base-model Volvo V60 wagon whose interior reconciliation MotorTrend editors, to the non-leather seating options on the Range Rover Velar and electric Jaguar I-Pace, that combines a wool mix with a suede-like material.

You Spent HOW MUCH on Options?

For the type of experience the Rolls-Royce Cullinan offers, $330,350 (including gas and destination guzzler fees) is an appropriate cost. However, nobody drives home in a base-model Rolls-Royce. Earnings to early adopters of the new model are in the 380,000-to-$390,000 variety, Rolls-Royce states.

Americans Lounge Around

For a conventional Rolls-Royce experience, arrange the Cullinan with the so called Individual seating–a four-passenger layout with two different back seats. Between the reclining seats sits a drinks cupboard with a fridge and champagne flutes, as well as Rolls-Royce whisky glasses and decanter. If this is the household road trip car, maybe go for the five-seat Lounge option. While you can purchase the Cullinan almost any way you desire, Rolls-Royce expects about 80% of American customers to select the five-seat Lounge option, but only 50 percent for Chinese buyers.

Just Like an Escalade?

Twenty-two-inch wheels take advantage of the Cullinan’s imposing existence (yes, like that Cadillac). Those brakes are standard in the U.S.–Rolls-Royce can create the 21s a no-cost choice. Winter tires can be found the 21-inch brakes, and most of Cullinan tires are specially designed to decrease road noise. And it works, since the Cullinan gives a smooth and quiet ride, just as you’de expect in the Rolls-Royce.

We’re sure it won’t take long, but for some buyers to prioritize looks over ride quality and add much larger aftermarket wheels.

One for Every Day of the Week

Cullinan buyers possess, normally, seven other cars. The newest SUV is the perfect option when it’s time to take the kids to the summer house, but it’s likely overkill for date night. That won’t be an issue for a Rolls-Royce owner because, odds are, they also have an upscale two-door or winding-road-friendly exotic.

Bet You Didn’t Notice That

It took some Rolls-Royce designer to determine a detail I’m not sure I would have noticed differently: The stainless steel door trim extends out of the D-pillar over front and back doors to the bottom of the A-pillar–in one piece. Wonderful, huh?

How Many Six-Figure SUVs Can You Name?

Even the Rolls-Royce Cullinan isn’t the only SUV using a six-figure MSRP. Alternatives in that array comprise the Bentley Bentayga, that is provided with six-cylinder plug-in, eight-, and 12-cylinder powertrains. Then there’therefore the unmistakable Lamborghini Urus, that includes a $200,000 price tag and makes 641 hp out of a twin-turbo V-8. Even the 557-hp long-wheelbase Range Rover SVAutobiography crests $200,000 before diving into the fun and colorful methods to personalize. The boxy Mercedes-Benz G-Class remains accessible, and Porsche along with Maserati is going to be delighted to sell you the most effective variant of the Cayenne and Levante, respectively, for under $200,000. If you would like to go completely electric, Tesla offers the surprisingly quick Model X P100D for approximately $150,000, rich.

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