2020 Honda Accord: What to Expect From the Class-Leading Midsize Sedan



Fun fact: The Persuasive Honda Accord came close to Getting the 2018 MotorTrend Car of the Year. The three-time comparison-winning Alfa Romeo Giulia was a deserving winner, but that the Accord and Kia Stinger additionally earned first-place votes from judges. With the 2020 Honda Accord’s arrival around the corner, we all started to wonder how the midsize sedan will fight back against a Toyota Camry that now offers Apple CarPlay in addition to a newly redesigned Hyundai Sonata that looks especially promising. Even though Honda wouldn’t comment for this story, here’s how we’d like Honda to upgrade the already solid Accord and, in the bottom, that which we believe Honda will change for the 2020 model year.

Tone Down the Belt-Buckle Badge

If I bought an Accord, the first dealer-installed attachment I’d believe is a subdued black chrome grille instead of the normal overchromed design. When we contrasted the base-engine Accord and Camry, we found neither end hip, and described the former as with a “brash, gigantic Honda badge [leaving] no matter of its provenance. ”

Looking deeper we expect minor visual updates for your 2021 Honda Accord, together with a few other changes as part of a mid-cycle refresh.


The 2018 Accord knocked from that the 2018 Camry in 2 comparison tests, but we noticed more road and tire noise together with all the Honda than we’d have liked, despite the current-gen version ’s many quieting efforts including acoustic spray foam at the columns and noise-absorbing carpet. Though the Accord is currently a package complete, we love to see Honda redouble its efforts to create the Accord quieter, but only if the essential R&D won’t balloon the purchase cost.

Hold Me Tighter

Perhaps you have ever seen that the Accord Sport? Like other midsize sedans with 19-inch brakes, it seems way more flashy than some might expect from a moderate sedan. And even though we love that the Sport’s two engines curb appeal, and an optional manual transmission, thicker side bolstering on the seats are a great touch.

Get Smart

It’s ’s tempting to ask automakers to include more features on trims, but as they saythere’s nothing as a free lunch. But we wager 2020 Accord Sport buyers might love getting what Honda calls “Smart Entry,” or hands access (unlock the doors as you enter and lock the doors as you depart without needing to take the key from your pocket).

Are you ready for a Accord Convertible?

No, neither are we all checking to see when you’re paying attention.

What Honda Will Probably Do for Your 2020 Model Year

The simple truth is that the 2020 Honda Accord feel and will look a lot. The Accord Sport trim may find access, as we indicate above. Higher up the purchase cost scale, the 2020 Accord EX can find a four-way power front passenger’s seat (currently standard to the EX-L and Touring), along with a new exterior color choice or 2 is obviously a chance.


In case your sedan search contains the Honda Accord, then you ’re doing this correctly. But stopping and starting the search there shortchanges an Whole segment full of possibilities:

Toyota Camry: A packed Toyota Camry XSE V-6 doesn’t drive greater than a loaded Honda Accord 2.0T Touring, but feature-loving extroverts need to love the Camry’s available reddish leather seats, surround-view camera method, and dual-panel sunroof, all choices that the Accord doesn’wont offer at any cost.

Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima: Then there’therefore the 2019 Hyundai Sonata and 2019 Kia Optima, two middle-of-the-road performers that can satisfy those searching for a fantastic deal before the fully redesigned versions of both arrive shortly.

Mazda6 and Volkswagen Passat: The Mazda6 will talk to those who love surprisingly sexy and amusing four-doors, and the broad Passat gets redesigned sheetmetal for 2020.

Nissan Altima: Aside from being one of the only four-doors to be available in crimson, the new Altima has a fresh interior and does its very best function for a base model. There, the midsizer offers a smart bundle of standard equipment that competes nicely with base Accords and Camrys, for buyers who value features as far as how a car performs.

Subaru Legacy: That leaves the Subaru Legacy, which provides standard all-wheel drive along with an huge Tesla/Volvo-like screen in its dashboard for 2020.

Pictured is the Honda Accord.

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