2020 Mercedes EQC Review Roundup: Posh And Refined Electric SUV Brims With Tech



The first 2020 Mercedes EQC video reviews have started to surface on YouTube and we’ve rounded up six of them to help you make your mind up about the premium electric SUV.

All the videos have been filmed in Norway where Mercedes-Benz has chosen to organize the press driving demonstration. A fitting place as that the Scandinavian country is Europe’s No. 1 market for electric vehicles. How does the EQC match in what is the best country in the world to own an EV?

Quite well, actually, at least as far go. The EQC is a comfortable, luxurious crossover that feels at home on the motorway and at town. It’s also very relaxing to travel to cabin and the cushy ride in thanks. Being an SUV, it’s practical as well; it lacks a frunk and however, it has a trunk compared to competitions.

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Much like Audi with the e-tron, Mercedes-Benz has gone to get a conventional look with the EQC. Both the exterior and interior look very similar to other Mercedes SUVs that use internal combustion engines. This produces the EQC look familiar and the thinking behind this approach is that it may make the transition easier for buyers.

One thing customers will need time to become accustomed to is waiting for the batteries to recharge. The EQC charges at a maximum speed of 110 kW and while that’s fairly quickly it can’t compare with the Tesla Model 3 which can currently charge at up to 250 kW with the latest V3 Superchargers. Then there’s no Tesla on the market that can get anywhere near the EQC when it comes to inner quality.

For more on the Mercedes EQC, check out the full reviews in the playlist below.

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