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2021 Living Vehicle New Features


Joanna from Living Vehicle and now I have been communicating about the newest features in the new 2021 coming out after this year. You can view my visit and walkthrough of this initial Living Vehicle here.

Here are the updates at a nutshell and all of the details and a few videos and photos follow below.

This by Joanna HoffmannWe’ve increased our electricity capabilities appreciably, and can currently run two AC’s completely off of solar! We have many new features combined with greater power that is relevant in today’s COVID world, for example a cell office for several of the recently found distant employees outside there.

Living Vehicle and Volta Power Systems Partner on Luxury Trailer Offering Solar, Electric Vehicle Charging, Battery Storage for Extended Off-Grid Living

Largest capacity lithium-ion power system available on a residential trailer enables off-grid experience with diminished emissions

[Santa Barbara, CA – September 2, 2020] – As Americans seek options for secure living and travel in the COVID-19 pandemic, Living Vehicle is cooperating with Volta Power Systems on lithium-ion for your 2021 Living Vehicle luxury travel trailer that makes it possible for users to reside buoyant and recharge electric vehicles (EVs). The Living Vehicle offers around 3080 g of solar and solar 47,600 watt-hours of electricity storage, the highest capacity lithium-ion system offered in a luxury trailer. Living Vehicle owners may also charge their EVs at speeds of around 44 mph charge-hour using discretionary 240-volt exportable power.

“To appreciate true off-grid alive, access to reliable electricity is an essential and life-sustaining source for security, health and comfort,” said Joanna Hofmann, co-founder and CMO of Living Vehicle. “Our customers value the flexibility to prevent RV parks and also stay anywhere with the luxury comforts of coast power. ”

Launched in 2017, Living Vehicle has seen customer need meet their production run in the high-end trailer market for the past several decades. More akin to a luxury flat than an RV, the vehicle combines modern structure with self-sufficient technologies to enable a high-end, off-grid living experience. The luxury trailers manage advanced energy storage, simple generation and water conservation technologies to conserve and extend utility funds for days or weeks while still encouraging high-power amenities like appliances, air and entertainment. Coupled with optional and solar liquid propane creation, Living Vehicle offers customers the opportunity to make the most of their time .

The statement comes as Americans are discovering creative ways to satiate their wanderlust during the COVID-19 pandemic. Would-be adventurers are showing preference for more self explanatory domestic travel choices like RVs, resulting in skyrocketed demand. Living Vehicle is positioning to meet these demands with even greater liberty and security.

“With the continuing disruption of COVID-19, renewable energy is helping us reimagine what’therefore possible for experience, security, and ordinary life,” said Jack Johnson, founder and CEO of Volta Power Systems. “More than any other trailer available on the market, Living Vehicle uses the Volta system to its fullest capability, creating an off-grid experience never before possible. ”

Living Vehicle is releasing three distinct models for 2021, each with increasing Volta system dimensions accompanied by hefty solar energy production installations. The 2021 PRO version offers 47,600 watt-hours of electricity storage with an industry-leading 3,080-watt solar collection. For users with a companion EV or that are planning for an electrical tow vehicle, Living Vehicle’therefore 2021 models will also support exportable power for EV charging directly from the trailer.

“Many of our customers have down-payments on electrical trucks such as Tesla’s Cybertruck or even the Rivian, which need access to reputable charging for long-term spectral use,” said Matthew Hofmann, co-founder and direct designer. “With the capability to export high-energy electricity in the Volta system, Living Vehicle models will have the ability to quickly and sustainably bill these tow vehicles or companion cars using energy. ”

The Volta system may bill from shore power, solar panels, a optional alternator (set up at a gasoline or diesel tow car ), or a optional Cummins generator. These layers of redundant power distribution are critical for long-term wellness and safety in severe weather or natural disasters.

The Living Vehicle 2021 luxury travel trailers are offered for booking this past month, with deliveries slated for ancient 2021.

About Living Vehicle

Launched in 2017, Living Vehicle combines contemporary technology and architecture to create the greatest luxury travel trailer. Quality comes first in such high-end adaptable spaces that allow you to live, travel, work, and also seek experience off-grid in any surroundings. Having a passion for liberty, wellness, and sustainability, the company works daily following a vision of an entirely self-sufficient, net-zero mobile living space. To learn more, visit https://www.livingvehicle.com/.

Around Volta Power Systems

Launched in 2014, Volta Power Systems supplies secure, powerful and easy ion energy storage solutions for small to midsize businesses. RV, marine and specialty car OEMs expect Volta to deliver advanced, automotive-grade electricity systems that enhance the lifestyle, liberty and comfort of their end-users. To learn more, visit https://voltapowersystems.com/.

Check out the video tours below:

Official video for 2021
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