3D Printing the Automotive Industry: Series Intro



Chicago Auto Show 2019

This series will be about 3D printing in cars. Additive manufacturing and the automobile industry go hand in hand. In this series, we’ll outline what we should know about this business as well as its connection to 3D printing.

We’ll try to check into specific car companies and find out how they are leveraging additive production for their production. A Few of the businesses that we’re interested in are:

Honda Motor Company
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Volkswagen Group
General Motors
Ford Motor Company
Hyundai Motor Group
Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance
Tata Motors
Zhejiang Geely Holding Group
Mazda Motor Corp
Daimler Auto Group
BMW Group
Tesla Inc
Toyota Motor Corp..

I will try to leave my biases when talking about certain brands among those specific companies. I will concentrate on explaining the 3D printing technologies used within these companies. Additionally it is important to comprehend how this technology is leading toward a movement called Industry 4.0, and we’ll talk about what that means and how it is being leveraged in the automotive industry.

3D imaging for car design

We’ll also have a look to the aftermarket car part market. It is easier to make aftermarket parts with 3D printing technologies, and we’ll understand why it’s the gateway to bigger projects within the automotive industry.

Iterations of a BMW Roof Bracket created with 3D printing, which has come a series part. 

We’ll also have a look into startup companies in the automotive industry that want to push for change. These companies include:

Local Motors

We’ll also be exploring what materials are required to construct a car. So we’ll look into the material chemistry of mostly alloys and plastics which are typical within the automotive industry. This will lead us to learn about metal printing and how that’s helping to revolutionize this business.

F1 3D Printed Open RC Design

The F1 driving series is something I am a big fan of. The F1 driving series also is quite large tech in terms of how they are trying to leverage rapid prototyping and 3D printing for cars. We’ll have a look to the various F1 teams and their technological advancement over their history, as well as the materials used for building such cars. With this series we hope to inform people on what the industry as a whole is performing in terms of development and 3D printing. So stay tuned for an expansive series, and be sure to chime in on other things you may wish to know about as we continue to learn.

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