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6 tips for a painless return flight home after the holidays


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Holiday travel can be stressful, however, a tiny bit of planning can make excursions easier.
A lot of people concentrate on the part of the trip, but flying home can be even more feverish, with lines and crowds.
Actually, more Americans are expected to fly the Sunday after Thanksgiving this season (December 1) compared to Wednesday before the holiday (November 27).
Here are 6 pointers that will assist you make any flight home after the holidays an experience.
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1. Pick a suitcase, when leaving for your journey.
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Somehow, you always wind up returning home from your trip with more stuff than you brought, while it’s the sweater you forgot at your parents’ house last time, Black Friday purchases, gifts, or just the mysterious extra bulk that seems to appear out of nowhere.

Instead of tightly packing everything you need for your trip into the smallest bag you can, bring a slightly bigger bag with some extra space for that return flight (the exception is if you’re flying an airline that strictly enforces bag size).

2. Don’t worry about folding dirty clothes.
Rachel Askinasi/Business Insider

If your clothes are headed into the wash when you get home, you don’t have to worry about folding them for the flight back. But to save room in your suitcase, you don’t just want to throw them in haphazardly, either.

Try rolling clothes, instead. Or, if your suitcase has a laundry bag like the above pictured suitcase, put dirty clothes in there, and then just squeeze the laundry bag into your luggage.

3. Use packing cubes.
Peak Design

I almost always use packing cubes when I pack. It helps me fit more in bags and stay organized.

Plus, when I’m coming home, I can use the cubes to keep anything I didn’t end up wearing separate from my dirty laundry.

You can see Business Insider reporters’ favorite packaging cubes here.

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