A Hummer H2 On Tiny 13-Inch Wheels Is The Funniest And Weirdest Thing You’ll See Today



The crew at Garage54 has come up with yet another construct, which is as ridiculous as it is funny, crazy, quirky and other adjectives that escape us now: some Hummer H2 onto 13-inch wheels.

While that was a normal size for backpacks in the 70s and 80s for cars that were comically bigger with much fewer horses running wild underneath the hood, even watching an SUV that’s larger and likely even heavier than a tool drop riding such little wheels would be like watching a gigantic bodybuilder hoping to do a pirouette on heels.

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Since you probably figured out, it’s not easy to locate 13-inch wheels that can be fitted to an H2, particularly in rural Russia, that explains the reason why the folks behind the endeavor had to change a set, employing a plasma cutter and a hammer — which ’s a Clarkson thing, isn’t it? They set on some paint contrast the exterior of the truck — as if the size wasn’t sufficient — and they were fitted to each of four corners.

Now, they may have passed the session, however are the wheels suitable for a travel? Regrettably, since the roads nearby were very bumpy and the H2 needed a custom body kit to be turned into a veritable low-riderthey couldn’t even take it out too much, but it did manage to reach around 50 miles (80 km/h) while vacationing on snow and ice. And it did turn heads, even in Russia, since you’re going to see.

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