A Quartet of Drills Put The Spurs To This Electric Utility Vehicle



Low-slung body fashion. Four-wheel drive. All electric drivetrain. Turns on a dime. Neck-snapping acceleration. Leather seating surface. Can it be the latest offering out of Tesla? Nope; it’s that a drill-powered electric utility vehicle, also it looks like a blast to drive.

Surprisingly, this isn’t a just-for-kicks sort of build. There’s really a practical reason behind the low form factor and long selection of [Axel Borg]’s little car. We’ll leave the back story to the next movie under, however, suffice it to mention that this will be a smaller version of this crawler NASA utilized to roll rockets out into the launching pad, used alternatively to transfer his insanely reckless appearing manned-multicopter. The running equipment on this vehicle is the interesting bit: four hefty electric drills, one for all the mobility cart wheels. The drills are powered with a large series-connected battery pack setting out 260V at total cost. The universal motors of these drills are good with DC, along with the rate of each is controlled via the PWM signals in the pair of cordless drills. The first video below demonstrates [Axel] putting it through its paces; he also didn’t wait at all, however, the vehicle kept coming back for more.

We know this cart is in support to some other project, however we’d have a hard time focusing on anything if we had the possibility for this much fun sitting in the shop. However, we hope that multirotor receives a fantastic test flight soon, and that all goes well with it.

[baldpower] picked up this tip to us. Thanks!

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