A Subaru Outback Somehow Mounted A Tesla Model S In LA



Even a Subaru Outback motorist found themselves in a rather awkward position in Beverly Hills a couple days back after curiously driving up onto a parked Tesla Model S.

These two images, released by the Beverly Hills Police Department on social media, show the Outback with its passenger side wheel resting over the C-pillar of that the Model S.

On first impressions, the pictures aren’t completely convincing and you may be left wondering if they’re the job of a photoshop artist. However, we’re likely to feel that they’re real since they had been released by the Beverly Hills Police Department and it is much too early for an April Fools joke.

According to police, the Subaru driver “swerved to avoid a fox or a dog. ”

What is particularly interesting about the entire scene is that neither the Subaru or Tesla appear to possess suffered any substantial cosmetic damage from the incident. Ironically, the images are rather bad quality so it is not easy to be sure but it seems obvious that neither automobile will demand any seriously fixes. With that being said, that the Subaru may have endured some suspension damage would could be rather expensive to fix.

However, things might have been considerably worse. If the Subaru was traveling slightly faster, it likely would have rolled onto its roof after hitting Tesla, possibly threatening the driver.

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