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A Tesla Gigafactory located in the UK could actually be a stroke of genius


Rumors have surfaced that point to the idea of a Tesla Gigafactory being established in the United Kingdom. This is somewhat surprising considering that the organization is in the process of building Gigafactory Berlin, and it is located nearby in Germany. Yet at the grand scheme of things, setting a facility at the UK actually makes a lot of sense. It could also be a stroke of genius. 

The rumors of a possible Gigafactory UK originally emerged following European news agency AM-Online published a report stating that the UK’s Department of International Trade (DIT) was on the hunt for a 4 million sq ft plot of land which would be utilized as a space to build an R&D center and manufacturing plant for Tesla. A DIT spokesperson originally related the data to local book Property Week, that reports on residential and commercial real estate information in the area. 

Even more reluctantly, enthusiastic Tesla critics who were prone to after the flight paths of Elon Musk’s no personal plane have noted that the CEO had landed at the Luton Airport on Wednesday. The objective of Musk’s visit remains unidentified, obviously, although his existence in the nation added fuel to the rumors of a possible Tesla facility hosted in the United Kingdom. 

In a sense, a dedicated Tesla facility in the UK makes great sense, especially considering that the nation uses vehicles which are Right Hand Drive (RHD). Over time, Tesla has started vehicle deliveries in the UK later in contrast to other nations due to this reason. The Model 3 is a perfect example, with all the UK only receiving the all-electric sedan in mid-2019, much later than nations that are Left Hand Drive.

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The UK is only one nation that follows RHD. If Tesla would make RHD-only vehicles from a dedicated UK plant, then it might permit the firm to roll and scale out electric automobiles faster to nations which are Right Hand Drive. The dimensions of the facility would not even have to be as expansive as Gigafactory Shanghai or Gigafactory Berlin, as the facility would only be creating vehicles of a particular variation. 

Tesla’s automobile business might not be the only reason behind Musk’s most visit to the United Kingdom as well. A ramp of Tesla Energy in the nation might be a reason behind the CEO’s trip. Only last month, following reports revealed that Tesla had applied to become an electricity generator in the UK. In its application to the UK’therefore Gas and Electricity Markets Authority, Tesla requested to get a license which would let it create electricity to provide “some premises” at Great Britain. 

With this in mind, it appears that Tesla’s rumored Gigafactory UK could actually be allocated to its aggregate of Tesla Energy in the nation. Such a facility will benefit the business if it intends to develop into a key participant in the UK’s utility industry, and it complements Gigafactory Berlin very well. With a facility in Berlin producing automobiles along with a mill in the UK focusing on the power aspect of the company’therefore business, Tesla will have the ability to adopt an aggressive two-pronged ramp in the European area. 

While addressing investors and analysts at the first quarter earnings call, Elon Musk said that the next Gigafactory will be announced within the next 3 months approximately. As soon as the CEO said this, it was assumed that Musk was speaking to the Cybertruck Gigafactory, that will be established at the United States. But Musk was speaking to over one Gigafactory announcement. Or that the Cybertruck facility isn’t considered a Gigafactory anymore due to its supposed “Terafactory” moniker. If rsquo & that;therefore the case, then maybe Gigafactory UK may be attainable. 

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