A theory about alchemy = union of the 6th house and the 12th qualities



If we see the qualities of somebody like Tesla (Neptune in the 12th and moon and also something more in the 6th), then we’ve got a visionary who will interpret these feelings and fantasies into a practical/tangible method. Da Vinci also offers planets at the house. There is a lot of inventiveness for this house.

My idea is: If someone can learn how to use (6th house) at a practical way the 12th house, then he or she becomes a philosopher/alchemist.

As they can be tamed, the house dominated little animals. The 12th ruled animals as they’re wild, like insanity and spirits and imagination and lands and spirit and endless.

If a person master those two characteristics in a single but what happens? He or she has a mind but also intuition. You turn into a boat for the union of heaven and the earth. You use the forces of paradise on the world, and you can also obtain money (6th as every day task and responsibilities) or do changes in the entire world for things which most people would consider useless or impractical!

In case you have only heaven in you, you become mad. You become depressed When you have only earth. In case you have visions of audio, you better learn the scales and the background of music, like Beethoven did.

In the event you think you are going mad, invest additional time with your body, dance, do activities.

Learn a concrete form In the event you are feeling with a lot of heaven. Make that heaven work. Apply that Heaven in the 6th house. And apply the house in the matters of Heaven. You turn into an alchemist.

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