A week in security (Oct 18 – Oct 24)



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Multiple vulnerabilities in popular WordPress plugin WP Fastest Cache.“Killware”: Is it just as bad as it sounds?REvil ransomware disappears after Tor services hijacked.Protect yourself from BlackMatter ransomware: Advice issued.q-logger skimmer keeps Magecart attacks going.How to delete your Snapchat account.High school student rickrolls entire school district, and gets praised.Chrome targeted by Magnitude exploit kit.Update now! Chrome fixes more security issues.A bug is about to confuse a lot of computers by turning back time 20 years. We dig into the Game Players Code.Ransomware: Why do backups fail when you need them most?

Other cybersecurity news

Sinclair Broadcast Group says it suffered a ransomware attack and has had data stolen. (Source: NPR)After games boom in pandemic, gangs are using phishing and malware to cheat fans. (Source: The Guardian)A vulnerability in the trial version of WinRAR has significant consequences for the management of third-party software. (Source: PT Security)Slack contains an XSLeak vulnerability that de-anonymizes users. (Source: The Daily Swig)Gummy Browsers, a new fingerprint capturing and browser spoofing attack lets attackers spoof tracking profiles. (Source : Bleeping Computer)Elaborate CryptoEats food delivery scam steals $500,000 in minutes. (Source: Vice)Phishing campaign targets YouTube creators with cookie theft malware. (Source: Google Threat Analysis Group)Dutch forensic lab decrypts Tesla’s driving safety data and finds a wealth of information. (Source: The Record)Australia announces critical infrastructure reforms to protect the essential infrastructure in the event of a major cyber-attack. (Source: homeaffairs.gov.au)Popular NPM library hijacked to install password-stealers and miners. (Source: BleepingComputer)

Stay safe, everyone!

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