Algorithm similar to Netflix’s can predict death or heart attacks with 90 per cent accuracy, study finds



A MACHINE algorithm similar to those used by Netflix can predict death or heart attacks a study found.

LogitBoost is more accurate after being programmed to use 85 variables to calculate risks, it claimed.

Netflix A new machine uses an algorithm like Netflix to predict death or heart attacksAlamy

By analysing the variables in patients with known outcomes, the machine “learned” a number of risks, according to scientists in Finland.

It was then able to locate patterns correlating the variables to heart attack and even death with over 90 percent accuracy.

Services like Netflix and Spotify systems all use algorithms to accommodate individual users, and that’s the reason why you will be recommended films and music based on your listening and watching habits.

Study author Dr Luis Eduardo Juarez-Orozco, said these improvements go beyond medication.

Humans have a difficult time believing further than three dimensions or four measurements.

Dr Juarez-Orozco

He said: “These improvements are far beyond what’s been done in medicine, where we need to be careful about how we evaluate risk and outcomes.

“We have the data but we are not currently using it to its full potential yet. ”

Doctors use risk scores to make treatment decisions – but these scores are based on just a “handful” of variables in patients.

Through repetition and adjustment, machines use large amounts of data to identify patterns that are complex not evident to humans.

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Dr Juarez-Orozco said: “Humans have a difficult time believing further than three dimensions or four measurements.

“The moment we jump into the fifth dimension we’re lost.

“Our study indicates that high dimensional patterns are more useful than single patterns to predict outcomes in humans and for that machine learning is needed by us. ”

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