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Anand Birje of HCL reveals why digital transformation is required for businesses to effectively serve consumers


Anand Birje, the Head of Digital and Analytics at HCL Technologies pushes the clinic ’s overall growth and solutions plan, including international corporate development, strategic partnerships, and next-generation services. In the middle of transformation that we are seeing at the moment is information and its outcomes, and that’s exactly what Anand wants to contribute to the table for enterprises.  

With more than twenty years of industry expertise across IT programs, infrastructure, and even cloud, Anand has pushed investments and acquisitions to HCL from the US and Europe. He has played a key role in shaping the organization ’s inorganic and natural strategies for ITO and digital services.  

Anand Birje

Anand Birje of HCL

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In a recent interaction with YourStory at Santa Clara, Bay Area, Anand talked about the potential for IT providers and it’s becoming more of an intellectual property business. He explains why he meets several startups as these are businesses that become acquisitions in the long term and will scale internationally.  

Excerpts of this interview:

YourStory: There is a whole good deal of conversation surrounding transformation. Where are enterprises really heading with it in the decade?

Anand Birje: Digital transformation is happening from pharmaceuticals to automotive.  

Additionally, there are four or just three classes that you have to check at for a set of providers. Enterprises need to improve the experience and to check at business process. Traditionally, enterprises made it more effective and took a business process. The matter is, is this enough. Everyone knows efficient automobiles are being built by car companies, but what exactly do customers need? Today, customers want an experience and that is why in the Valley and around the globe you see Tesla being the automobile of choice to customers that want an adventure. Experience translated into the entire cost of ownership of these vehicles. From consumer goods to banks to automotive, items are shifting towards expertise. Individuals are rethinking the way they do their supply chain control and warehouse management. How can technology assist you handle currency and treasury? Suddenly, technology has become a boardroom conversation as it’s a experience. We have moved beyond efficiency. If businesses don’t alter companies will be disrupted like we’ve observed before.  

We organised our capabilities of changing patterns and solutions in this direction.  

YS: Why would you believe HCL has the capabilities to assist transformation?

AB: We have the capacity to assist them enhance consumer experience design capacities and we have process consulting capacities. We morphed these two build a platform for all these businesses and together to call it the digital consulting practice. The processes will be sent through programs and information becomes the oil. We are also making everything data-centric.   Also, partnerships are employing plenty of devices like POS and scanners, we brought these on into this cloud. This business had grown at 30 per cent CAGR for the previous few years.

Our services business is related to these capacities, but we wish to take it a step forward. The future is all about IP and HCL has a history of technology services. We’ve got customers who love us and are with us for 10-15 years. Software products were purchased by A number of them . We can build products or get companies and sell their merchandise for a distinguished   IT business and the only way to go about this is through property. A number of our customers do not look at us like an IT Services company. We’ll build our product capacities.

Our Strong-Bridge acquisition has assisted us consult better; it attracted us architecture consulting, and assisted us help our customers manage organisational change, in order to attract business and IT to work together constantly. Technology and design are at an inflection point. Look over your tablets. They have become instinctive with the three-step design concept, helping people complete their job in three steps on the screen. Apple, Facebook, and Google have made us want things that are easy to use, and this is currently happening in enterprises too. That is why design has become the centre of everything.


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YS: Can you tell us some examples of just how HCL is driving change and not creating spotty programs that are digital?

AB: There are interfaces and signature interfaces that are currently producing fundamental changes. Technology has become simpler to use. By way of example, you are currently driving a car and the car makes ideas on where you receive the very best tea. That is exactly what enterprises are solving with design thinking. Today, everything has changed. However, you have to be nimble; you can’t state, ‘I will give you an update in service . This type of business will fail. Build extra services on time and you have to move fast where you build an agency in weeks. You’ve got to use the product approach with several iterations. You want to have product owners committed to every one of these companies.  

Nowadays, we are speaking about ‘innovate, neglect fast and scale’ MVPs. Clients need. You have to keep in mind that life is shifting, my son replaced my older Tesla with a new one with his notebook while I was cooking an egg. The long run is this; people want digital encounters and Volvo believes that this is the expertise they have to produce. Now, it has a platform. They believe there will be five thousand consumers later on. An automobile will be subscribed to by people and it’s very different from leasing. This varies the supply chainand product lifecycle management will soon change. Their advertising and customer engagement will vary. These systems have to be redesigned and rebuilt.  

YS: Should companies look at digital as a new tech stack?

AB: This will not be a new stack. Unlike Tesla, these companies have legacy methods. Keep things that are changing and you have to alter the wings of the airplane. You wait over a period of time not doing something or cannot change things immediately. Build platforms that are better and you have to abstract heritage applications. Call this a business of programs. A sizable, 100-year-old European lender is growing up and wants to be branchless in new nations. they need a branch if they scale. We’ve got this job in which all is going digital. The third-largest pizza series in the world wanted to alter and pizza has gone online.  

They had to innovate to your customer that is youthful. By way of example, when there is a update on the pizza advent we utilize computer vision to define the standard of the pizza. Analytics are taken by us from images clicked by the consumer to ascertain the grade of the pizza and from the bakery.  The pizza is rated at the amount after the consumer decides that it is a great pizza. This approach of combining information from consumer programs logistics, and business applications is the long run.  

YS: What are your thoughts on the future of information and are you to work with Indian B2B startups?

AB: Artificial wisdom is infused in most data now. We have a information science group that appears at the results. We utilize AWS and MATLAB into heavy-lift leverage languages and data such as Python. A data lake that is familiar is created by us and people utilize it to different departments of organisations. We bring applications and programs .  

We’re at the beginning of transformation and gambling such as cloud, information science, design code, and RPA. We started acquiring product companies over the last two years and these acquisitions have been in the US. For Indian startupsthey have to have a stable customer base across geographies. Our business is very little in India and our revenues come in the US and Europe. We found a few fantastic products, but they weren’t getting attention. There are good B2B startups in India and they can come to people if they make it big in Europe and the US.  

(Edited by Evelyn Ratnakumar)

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