Apple Car: Early Talks, But Is Hyundai A Good Partner Choice?



Hyundai Motor Group recently confirmed that it had been in talks with Apple after a mention with a broadcaster situated in South Korea, where Hyundai is established. Both firms were believed to be discussing an electric automobile and batterylife. Following the recent news that Apple is working on an electric automobile, the implication is that Apple might be thinking about Hyundai as a manufacturing partner.

The Apple automobile was made headlines lately after assumed insider escapes tipped that generation could begin as early as 2024. This was promptly challenged by other industry sources, arguing that Apple did not have enough data to start an automobile with computer-assisted forcing and putting the gap between 2025 and 2028. The latest leak about an Apple automobile comes from Korea Economic TV, apparently reporting that Apple has been in talks with Hyundai Motor Group seeing an electric automobile and rechargeable batteries.

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In a followup, the parent company of the coverage TV broadcast, The Korea Economic Daily, reported the Hyundai initially denied the broadcast story was true, but later confirmed there were talks, but that they had been very early-stage and that nothing has been decided. Hyundai additional that Apple is discussing this with numerous vehicle makers, weakening the link with Hyundai further. Regardless, Hyundai stocks soared 25% and are hovering around 20 percent higher than the news broke.

Hyundai was overdue to the US market, coming in 1986, but had produced over a million vehicles worldwide. Originally competing with low prices, by 2004 Hyundai had improved quality to a degree equal to other imports. The business has global manufacturing capabilities, generates in high volume, and has created and designed hybrid gas/electric and fully electric cars, both version of the Hyundai Ioniq. More electric vehicles are intended for the future, utilizing the Ioniq title for a new automobile brand, with three vehicles already penciled in, the first being the Ioniq 5, which will launch in 2021.

Beyond the clear pc and applications expertise Apple would bring to any vehicle it developed, rumors suggest it’s an innovative battery design which could significantly improve the efficiency and scope of an electric automobile design. The Apple brand itself carries significant weight and would instantly draw interest from the industry and the general public. Manufacturing and supply chain are one of the largest bits missing from the mystery, but Dealing with Hyundai or another automaker with electric automobile experience would facilitate many issues. Hyundai appears to be a fantastic potential spouse, but it is logical that Apple would be checking with many carmakers, since it often does with manufacturing partners.

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Resource: The Korea Economic Daily

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