Apple Car May Be Happening With Hyundai & Kia Even If Talks No Longer Are



The continuing saga of whether or not Apple would be partnering with Hyundai or its own subsidiary Kia to make its automobile has taken another twist with the two motor firms reported to have said that they aren’t in discussions with Apple. At face value, this may look like the accounts of a partnership between two or even all three of those firms were wide of the mark. However, that might not be the situation.

Only a few days past, it was reported that Apple was unhappy with the extensive coverage regarding its as-yet officially unconfirmed automobile project and the potential generation partnerships. News of those first broke in the end of 2020, with Hyundai initially confirming it was in discussions with Apple before slightly backtracking to say that the technology giant was in discussions with lots of different carmakers too. If Apple was unhappy with those discussions being made public, that given its generally secretive way of developing its own products is highly probable, it’ll have been even less impressed to see the launch of some potential specs along with a report suggesting a deal with both Hyundai and Kia was finalized.

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It is within this context that Bloomberg’s report the Hyundai and Kia”aren’t in talks with Apple Inc. to develop an autonomous vehicle” along with also a Reuters report echoing that opinion should be taken into account. If a bargain is efficiently achieved, as was reported last week, discussions may no longer now be required which may be utilized to attempt to moist any further speculation.

When it’s to progress with its automobile project, Apple will want to obtain control over the information cycle in the exact identical manner it controls the discharge of information for its technology apparatus. Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty was quoted by CNBC lately as stating, “Smartphones are a $500bn yearly TAM. Apple has roughly one-third of this marketplace. The mobility marketplace is $10 billion. So Apple would only need a 2 per cent share of this market to be the size of their iPhone business. ” Although this means the new marketplace might be extremely lucrative for Apple, it also means it could lose out on much more if valuable information or intellectual property can be leaked.

Apple is new to this industry and will probably be working with new partners who have and probably much larger supply chains, meaning the possibility of leaks will be higher. Its apparent present dip in discussions could only be the firm taking the time to work out how to minimize future escapes. Needless to say, there’s always the chance that Apple has decided enough’s enough and also to pull the plug on the Hyundai-Kia deal with a view to Dealing with another automaker.

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Resource: Bloomberg, Reuters

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