Apple Reportedly Considered Canoo Purchase To Help With Car Ambitions



Apple might have been a lot closer to getting to the electric vehicle market sooner than initially anticipated. Rumors have already been confirmed that Hyundai and Apple had participated in discussions about a partnership regarding an electric vehicle, but it now appears that Hyundai wasn’t the only vehicle manufacturer that Apple had been in talks with.

Apple is, needless to say, the technology giant behind these modern marvels because the iPod, iPhone, MacBook and more. For years, it’s been suggested that Apple might be making a transfer to the electric automobile industry, though they’ve always been nothing more than rumors. Recently, the discussions  have started up once more, together with the suggestions being that Apple is more serious about making an iCar than ever .

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First reported by The Verge, Apple supposedly met with the electric vehicle startup firm Canoo ancient in 2020. Neither firm confirmed the record, however, The Verge cites three sources knowledgeable about the dialogue for the info. Seemingly, Apple was possibly interested in investing in Canoo – that coincidentally went public this year after being founded back in 2017 – or purchasing the company outright.

The concept that Apple was curious in Canoo is very fascinating and says a great deal about the young startup business. Or, instead it says a lot about the tech the business was operating on. According to the record, Apple saw potential in Canoo’s scalable electric vehicle system, which offers enhanced flexibility when it concerns the design of a car’s cabin, thanks to its capacity to integrate a larger portion of the car’s electronics. Apple also allegedly keyed directly on the worth of Canoo’s steer-by-wire engineering, yet another flexibility-focused feature that has not made its way through the mainstream electric automobile industry just yet.

The movement would appear to be straight from Apple’s vast, expansive playbook.  Though the business has created plenty of original products over the years, it has also been in a position to determine powerful products with great technology behind them, buy out the business and bring those products/technologies in under the Apple umbrella. It did so with the Beats with Dre new speakers, headphones and earbuds, and has continued to innovate that line of goods, instead of squash them in favor of its own Apple-branded sound devices. The Beats takeover has functioned well enough so far that Apple could be thinking about trying a similar movement once more. This time, however, it might be about a much bigger scale and in an business that is currently totally foreign to Apple.

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Source: The Verge

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