Aston Martin Rapide E prototype with 800V battery takes first steps in teaser video



With companies such as Tesla proving that there is a demand for superior electric cars, the auto industry veteran players are starting to embrace the EV transition. In the instance of luxury automaker Aston Martin, the company has opted to begin its all-electric push using a limited production run of its high-performance, Porsche Taycan-rivaling Rapide E.

Aston Martin President and Group Chief Executive Officer Andy Palmer lately took to Twitter to discuss a milestone in the Rapide E’therefore growth. Palmer’s Twitter post featured a movie of a validation prototype going for the first time using its battery powered method in its own. The Aston Martin CEO’s movie was brief, however, the clip does offer an idea about how the car looks and sounds just like when it therefore moving.

Considering that the Rapide E from the movie is a validation prototype, it is quite understandable for the vehicle to maneuver in a very deliberate pace. Having said that, it is quite interesting to listen to what seems like an audible whine from the car’s electric motors regardless of the Rapide E’s rate. It was seen if the audible sounds from the EV’therefore engines are deliberate, but it will provide the Rapide E using a exhaust note,” electric motors notwithstanding.

A second of @astonmartin history. First Validation Prototype Aston Martin RapideE moves under its own power for the very first time using its breakthrough 800v battery. Terrific work from the development team which includes Williams Engineering.

— Andy Palmer (@AndyatAston) January 21, 2019

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From the comments section of his post, the Aston Martin executive said that the Rapide E’s 800-volt battery is a breakthrough in electric vehicle technology, since it gives the car a “significantly quicker fast charging time than any present technology. ” Palmer also triumphed yet another piece of Aston Martin background ” being made on January 21, although the CEO noted that it would remain a “tightly-held secret” for the time being.

In a preceding statement to Car and Driver, Palmer noted that the Rapide E would appeal to a market that is beyond the premium segment being targeted by companies like Tesla. Using a limited production run of 155 cars, the Rapide E is targeting clients who want cars at the end of the market.  

“For me Tesla is a very credible competitor contrary to Daimler, BMW, Audi, along with others. However they’re not at the (upper reaches of the) luxury market where we are. Most of the people who purchase a Model S will be buying it completely loaded. They’re not restricted with their cash; they’re. They’re not even a rival of ours. We’re looking to those people looking for something above Tesla. That customer probably isn’t looking to get Ludicrous mode. Our offer will have good acceleration, equivalent to some gasoline Aston Martin, but you’ll be able to drive the vehicle rapidly all of the way around the Nürburgring with no conking out onto you or derating . ”  

It would be rather interesting to see the Aston Martin Rapide E piles up against the competition. With vehicles such as the Porsche Taycan Turbo plus a possible upgraded Tesla Model S entering the market in the not too distant future, the luxury carmaker’s flagship automobile would have to be excellent in all areas to stand out from the contest. In this way, Aston Martin seems to have completed its homework.

To help the company develop the car, the luxury automaker opted to cooperate with Williams Advanced Engineering, the R&D and consultancy arm of the Williams Formula 1 team, to create the most Rapide E’s electric powertrain. Aston Martin also noted that an “ 800V battery electrical structure is being used by it with installed capability using 5600 lithium ion 18650 format cylindrical cells over. ” The vehicle also packs extreme power, with “two rear-mounted electric motors producing a combined target output of just over 610 PS plus a colossal 950 Nm of torque. ” In a press launch past September, Aston Martin noted that the Rapide E would comprise a variety of over 200 miles per charge beneath the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP).

Production for the Aston Martin Rapide E is expected to start in Q4 2019. The luxury automaker has not declared the vehicle ’ s price, however speculations indicate that the automobile would cost in the $200,000 to $250,000 range. Reports have indicated that all 155 units of the Rapide E have already been booked.

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