Audi A6 Driver Looks Both Ways, Sees Nothing, Gets Hit By Minivan



Should you just happen to drive an Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz or just about any type of premium car with a German badge, chances are a few (if not most) will look at you with their minds already made up.

A few premium car drivers do their best to fortify them by looking not to care for others in visitors, or acting like rules don ’ t use to them As these are just stereotypes. Even sowe’re prepared to provide the motorist of the fourth-gen Audi A6 saloon the benefit of the doubt and say that he was likely just careless.

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Allow ’s run through what he did wrong, however, shall we? For starters, rather than looking to create his turn in a more suitable time, he opted to go through what is sometimes referred to in visitors (for obvious reasons) as a “suicide gap”. He looked to the left, to the right and to the left and right … bang – which minivan must have come out of nowhere?

Well, no. What likely happened is that he “appeared ” without actually paying attention, as overlooking a large yellow vehicle heading your path is a pretty tough thing to do, unless you’re just casually browsing things over, thinking that its people’s task to steer clear of you and not the other way round.

We also thought for a second that he was likely to cut the double yellow lines and earn a U-turn, however, his steering indicate that he actually wished to jump from the left-only lane and make a left turn in the light beforehand.

This incident actually reminds us of another seemingly careless Audi driver that allow her brand new Q8 crossover crawl into stationary visitors while her attention was elsewhere. Happily neither that wreck nor this one happened at high speed.

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