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Aussie Safety Body Has Serious Concerns About Tesla’s Cybertruck


The head of this Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP), the major crash test authority from Australia, has expressed serious concerns regarding how the controversial design of this Tesla Cybertruck could pose unnecessary dangers to citizens as well as other road users.

Discussing with News, ANCAP chief executive James Goodwin explained the form and stainless steel system of this Cybertruck could pose a risk to other road users. Based on him, Tesla has a history of assigning occupant security over the security of cyclists and pedestrians.

“Thinking about other street users , it’s obtained a harsh front and not a good deal of areas that could offer some give when there was a hit using a pedestrian,” Goodwin said. “We perform equally head leg and form form impacts … the (frontal) rake would seem like it’therefore not very forgiving concerning legs. ”

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Perhaps more worryingly, Goodwin suggested that the powerful exoskeleton of that the Cybertruck that managed to easily withstand the strike from a sledgehammer may have adverse impacts on occupants in case of an accident.

“We would anticipate that a vehicle should have the ability to absorb a few (crash) energy since if it doesn’t consume some energy… it’ll be the folks within the automobile who bear the brunt,” he said.

Tesla hasn’t said what changes the Cybertruck will undergo before it reaches on the manufacturing line, but a number of areas need to be altered. First of all, the present car had tires and wheels that will need to be altered for the finished thing, lacked turn signals, and had no windscreen wipers.

Nevertheless, while criticism of this automobile ’s exterior was widespread, we guess that Tesla will just make minimal modifications to the manufacturing model as a result of the outstanding number of refundable pre-order deposits it’s obtained for its Cybertruck. So that it can get kind approval unless, obviously, they’re mandated by the need to comply with safety standards.

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