Authorities Investigating Tesla Model S That Caught Fire In San Francisco Garage



Not long after a Tesla Model S appeared to spontaneously combust in a Chinese parking garage, the San Francisco Fire Department has announced that it is investigating the cause of another that was wrecked by a refuge in a local garage.

ABC 7 News reports that the fire department responded to calls of a vehicle fire around midnight last Thursday on the 1300 block of 26th Avenue near Irvington Street.

Crews discovered a Model S with a substantial quantity of smoke coming from its back end. While it has not yet been confirmed if the fire was coming from the battery, fire crews were able to extinguish the flames and cut all of the electric leads in the car to prevent additional fires. The Tesla was then taken out of the garage.

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Taking to Twitter, the San Francisco Fire Department confirmed that the Tesla was not plugged in at the time of the blaze.

In a statement issued to Business Insider, the electric automobile manufacturer said that it had yet to receive any information that signaled a problem with the automobile was the cause of the fire.

“Tesla automobiles are approximately 10 times less likely to experience a fire than gasoline cars. In this instance, we have not received any information to indicate that this fire was due to any problems with the car itself. Still, we believe that a factor of ten fires a vehicle for electric cars is too many, and we hope to be as close to zero as we can,” Tesla said.

1 of 2–Last night at 0020 hours, the Department responded to a reported car fire in a garage on the 1300 block of 26th AVE. Crews located a Tesla Model s, NOT plugged in, with smoke observed near the rear right tire. The car fire was extinguished with no harm to the —


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