Badges And Stripes: James May ‘Unpimps’ A BMW 420i Pretending To Be An M4



James May’s ‘Unpimp My Ride’ series Drive Tribe goes back with its latest episode, now focusing on a BMW 420i.

The 420i is rather a very nice superior coupe, offering decent performance with a plush interior and striking good looks. However, this particular Estoril Blue 420i has a shameful M4 badge stuck on the tailgate. Whether this isn’t even a crime which ought to be punishable with jail time, we don’t even know what is.

For May, placing M badges on a non-M auto from BMW is wildly inappropriate and he quickly eliminates the badge to return the vehicle back to normal. So it seems.

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The Grand Tour host soon reveals that the proprietor of this BMW has had some fun with the automobile ’s front finish and painted of these vertical slats of this kidney grille in the colors of the BMW M division. They look tacky and cheap and seem to have been painted with plastidip or something. It means it only takes a few minutes to the color to be peeled away and also the grille to be returned to normal – from the phrases of May, all really “casual. ”

We’ve never known why owners of particular brands (BMW, Mercedes-Benz etc.. ) so frequently combine M or AMG badges for their non-performance vehicles, as they mislead completely nobody with the slightest knowledge about cars. Guess they’re interested in impressing all of the remainder – and to hell with being ridiculed by those who know.

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