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With holiday shopping officially here, it might be harder than usual to shop for loved ones, and especially if they own a Tesla electric vehicle. After all, they already have a Tesla, so what more could they want, right? Well here are three Tesla-themed gift ideas guaranteed to give that special, carbon-conscious someone a smile this holiday season.

Tesla is an American automaker celebrating nearly eighteen years of developing electric vehicles (EVs) and battery packs to relinquish the worlds dependence on fossil fuels. This Christmas Eve will actually mark the twelve-year anniversary of Tesla nearly going bankrupt, had it not been for some last-minute funding from investors and Elon Musk himself. Today the company sits as the most valuable automaker in the world, and its army of customers and brand loyalists continues to grow each day.

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With this rise in sales at Tesla, there is a good chance you know someone that owns one. If not, then maybe consider buying them a Tesla this holiday season, as it’s not as crazy of an idea as you might think. Either way, there is an arsenal of custom mods and handmade items alike for Tesla fans, and any of them will make a great holiday gift after a tumultuous 2020. Here is a breakdown of three of the best to inspire a search toward the perfect gift for Tesla friends and family.

Elon Musk teased about it, the internet drooled over it, and now it’s actually here. Of course Tesla made its own tequila! What better way to warm a loved one up by the fire this year than by sipping on an exclusive, premium tequila añejo aged in French oak barrels? This 100-percent agave tequila features a dry fruit and light vanilla nose with a balanced cinnamon pepper finish. It’s guaranteed to get any Tesla fan’s dual motor running. Plus the bottle looks like an award that would sit on the mantle, so why not award a Tesla owner with some Tesla tequila? At the moment, it is listed as sold out on the site, but Musk says more are expected to arrive before the big day.

Buy Tesla Tequila (Tesla)

What better way for someone to showcase their love for their Tesla and its siblings, than to immortalize them on the wall with movie theater-style posters? Etsy seller EVPosters offers handmade Tesla art, showcasing the automaker’s Model S, Model X, and Model 3 EVs (apologies to Model Y owners). With various dimensions available, this three-piece set can fit any size wall and transform a recipient’s room into a futuristic Tesla haven.

Buy Tesla Motors 3-Piece Poster Set (Etsy)

This one is probably best thought of as an investment for summer, 2021. However, buy this for a Tesla friend and they will automatically HAVE to take you on a picnic in their EV. This frunk (front trunk) cooler sold by Evannex is made from insulated materials to help keep its contents cold, and features a leak-resistant liner to keep that frunk dry. The cooler is custom-fitted for the Tesla Model X, Model 3, and Model Y (apologies Model S owners, but your Tesla frunk is too small, even though you still own one of the fastest sedans on the planet).

Buy Tesla Frunk Cooler (Evannex)

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