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Bitcoin [BTC]: Abra launches feature enabling investment in stocks and ETFs using crypto


In the wake of the bull run led by Bitcoin [BTC], the planet ’s biggest cryptocurrency received another major reform at media time.

According to an announcement by Abra, a worldwide investment app, it’s set to launch a brand new feature in their app, one that enables people outside the United States to create money investments in shares and also exchange-traded funds [ETF], with the support of Bitcoin.

Bill Barhydt, a major Bitcoin [BTC] proponent, stated that individuals outside the United States were unable to invest in financial assets on account of the issues of access and convenient affordability.

He explained,

“Abra is currently addressing this international inequality by allowing more individuals to have a stake in financial markets. ”

With the help of this attribute, individuals who have a fraction of Bitcoin would currently be able to access Abra’s platform to buy value stocks and ETFs with a minor investment of just $5.

A number of the key stocks that users will now have the ability to invest in contain the likes of Tesla, Uber, Apple, Amazon, Google and Berkshire Hathaway.

Bill Barhydt additional,

“On the back end, this new technology relies on a non-custodial bitcoin wallet, along with the vulnerability of assets such as stocks and ETFs occurs through a crypto-collateralized contract. We think that cryptocurrency technology like bitcoin can function as a brand new platform to fix these issues of access and hope. ”

On the back of the current rally, this statement is extremely supportive for Bitcoin [BTC] along with the remaining portion of the cryptocurrency community. This growth indicates that the digital asset class is attaining maturity from a long-term economic standpoint. The overall belief towards crypto as a whole can also be growing favorably, also is an indication of crypto’s continuous growth in 2019.

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