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BMW iNEXT teases its new Curved Display


One of the biggest talking points for your Tesla Model 3 is its own massive interior display. Its centrally-mounted touchscreen functions as the sole display of data to the passengers. It houses all of possible in-cabin info, including but not restricted to: speed, navigation, press and climate controls. Fans of the Model 3 love it and find it intuitive. Critics find it distracting. In any event, the concept of this must have come with the Bavarians, as the BMW iNEXT seems like it’s likely to get something comparable.

In a recent official teaser from BMW, we get to see a glimpse of the rear of the Curved Display” in the BMW iNEXT.

This Curved Display will likely be mounted in the center of the dashboard but looks it ’ s curved toward the driver and like it ’ s place on the driver ’ s side. So while it’s a display, similar to the Model 3, then it’s not only a slab sticking out of the dashboard. This tilt toward the driver equally makes it more intuitive for the driver and functions as a throwback into BMWs of yore, that had their dashes slanted towards the driver.

“The single-section screen reflects the interpretation of driver orientation and is your central control component. It occupies a position that is central that is dominant in a iconic screen structure that offers a highly distinctive screen encounter,” clarifies Domagoj Dukec, Head of BMW Design. “The Curved Display is set in materials and can be virtually freely suspended on the tool panel. This makes it a vital component in terms of the luxurious, contemporary and ample sense of space in the BMW iNEXT. ”

This new Curved Display will be a single-piece touchscreen but will have two separate areas; Control Display and Information. It seems as if the Control Display will probably be the place closest to the driver, supplying all driving info, including navigation, range and speed instructions. It can also be customized to assure just info has been exhibited. While the Information area will possess everything else. We presume that it s likely to be like the display seen in the iNEXT Concept automobile, although maybe in front of the driver right without the i3-like screen.

The front passenger are also able to readily interact with this despite being angle toward the driver. Not just that, specific screen items may be shifted back and forth between the Control Display and Information areas, allowing an intuitive and easy way for both the passenger and driver to socialize with this.

“The Curved Display in the BMW iNEXT requires us into the next degree of driver-oriented controls,” says Robert Irlinger, Head of BMW i. “The new screen unit enables instinctive, natural and perfect utilization of the touch purpose. ”

We re excited to find that new Curved Display, as it marks a big change for BMW. It’therefore the first time that the brand will be moving with it and this kind of a centrally-mounted control screen ’s likely to produce the inside of the BMW iNEXT very distinctive. The latter stage is fascinating in itself, as we saw some spy pictures of the iNEXT’s cabin and were disappointed to see it appearing very much like each BMW. Though, that must have been for evaluation as we did not observe this screen.

We ll watch that the BMW iNEXT for real soon enough and, despite lots of the criticism from fans, we’re curious and excited to watch it.

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