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BMW Russia now offers the option to select, configure and pay online for a BMW


BMW has been occupying for years using an Amazon-line encounter if purchasing a car on the internet. There were several attempts in Asia to set up such a process, but none at a worldwide scale. Tesla made famous automakers and the internet automobile buying process are starting to adapt. One of them is the BMW Group Russia which announced their digital offerings that comprises an e-commerce component to purchase a brand new BMW.

The full process of purchasing a car — from version choice, to deciding on the choices and features, payment and loan approval, to estimating the value of this automobile to be exchanged in — has been made available online. Some dealerships are also offering an option to deliver the car to the address.

The complete functionality has been applied on BMW Group dealerships’ sites across Russia, and will be arriving into bmw.ru at the end of April.

The brand new online service makes it possible not only to make a deposit, but also to select on the version, choices and features, also, in the event this option should be chosen by the consumer, cover the purchase in total. The dealerships decide the quantity of online payment and whether the complete payment alternative is available. Following the payment is moved to the dealership, its agents will contact the customer to finalize the facts and prepare the car for transfer to its owner.

Buyers may create a deposit or pay for the purchase of the new vehicle in full by banking card or via Apple Pay and Google Pay online payment systems.

“We as a company are currently doing everything in our power to offer our customers also the solutions and a premium service, particularly. From today on, you can finish the process of a BMW automobile purchase on line. Buyers have access to this BMW model lineup and a selection of payment choices. Now without leaving your property, you can submit a loan application and receive approval.

Is online ordering the future of automobile purchasing?

We encountered a few challenges, such as some legal obstacles, while we working on getting this internet tool ready for release. New alternatives and extra work are currently required to produce this process customer-friendly and economically viable for your seller. This is the reason we welcome and love Russian President Vladimir Putin’s directive to make changes to regulations to support remote sales of vehicles, given during the assembly on the automotive industry in April 24.,” states Stefan Teuchert, President and CEO of BMW Group Russia.

Sometimes when events – like COVID-19 – take over the planet, the on site automobile buying process isn’t feasible. And while a hands on strategy with the automobile and a sales person is preferable, there are methods to create the internet experience fairly personal.

For instance, BMW Russia will offer a video interview using a BMW specialist from the dealer who will use the purchaser about the customization process.

Digitization of a car purchase makes it essential for the purchaser to visit with the dealership site. To make the car buying experience easier and smoother, the following services have been implemented on the sites of the BMW Group Russia accredited dealerships:

Furthermore, BMW experts provide consultations will also answer customers & rsquo; inquiries by email and over the telephone, and help to decide on a car.

Here’s an outline of this process:

Measure 1

The customer selects a car and desired options out there to your particular car model about the BMW dealership site in the BMW Available section, which shows the status of available vehicles (in the warehouse, in transit, or even on the meeting line). We anticipate this functionality also available on www.bmw.ru, uniting all dealerships into one system, from approximately April 30, 2020.

Measure 2

While making a purchase, the customer pay for the automobile purchase in total, or can make a payment. It’s all up to the dealerships to place the size of down payment.

Measure 3

A dealership agent contacts the customer to finalize the purchase info and delivery details.

Step 4

When a partial down payment was created, and delivery to the customer’so address is required, the customer can pay the purchase price online or utilize a car loan program available through the BMW Bank.

Step 5

The auto delivers into the automobile to the customer&rsquo. The customer accepts the automobile and signals the purchase records.

Online car orders started testing in November 2019 to get BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe in a special Online Edition variant. Russian customers have made more than 100 down payments this year so far. The largest sum paid online thus far was RUB 6.6 million (roughly $90,000).

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