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BMW Seemingly Trolls Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck Order Tweets


Following the unveiling of this Cybertruck, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted out “200k” then “250k” in a clear reference to the number of pre-orders the business had received to your controversially styled pickup.

BMW appears to have taken a cue from the outspoken executive since the company’s Twitter feed was dominated by figures . Beginning on December 18th,” the business tweeted 499,820 out and subsequently followed by tweeting 499,822 499,821, 499,823 etc.

The count stopped once the business reached 500,000. At the time, the BMW Group confirmed they said rsquo; s only & that every four minutes and offered their 500,000 th electrified automobile.

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500,000…electrified BMW Group vehicles have been sold. Statistically. And counting. #NextGenJoy pic.twitter.com/FVEIf5O8yx

— BMW (@BMW) December 19, 2019

The 500,000th model was also a BMW 330e which was delivered to the owner in the BMW Welt Museum at Munich, Germany. Since the company ldquo;electromobility milestone,” the keys on the vehicle were handed by BMW’s Sebastian Mackensen.

While 500,000 automobiles is a remarkable accomplishment, BMW Chairman Oliver Zipse said “We are currently stepping up We aim to have one thousand electrified cars on the streets. ”

To be able to hit this goal, BMW will launch the iX3 third year. It will be followed with the iNEXT and i4 in 2021.

Naturally, the BMW’s electric revolution started with the i3 and the business states it’s now an icon. This ’s problematic, but the automaker confirmed intends extend production and to develop the automobile.

The BMW Group currently offers 12 models and much are coming in the future. The business expects one to become more popular since a quarter of BMW Group automobiles sold in Europe are thought to become electrified by 2021. That number is slated to grow by 2030 by 2025 and half to a third.

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