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Bob Lutz Tears Into The Tesla Model Y, Calls It “Terminally Ugly”


At a recent interview about the Autoline Network, former GM chairman Bob Lutz addressed Tesla’s present situation within the automobile business, while also completely tearing in the Model Y’s styling.

That specific section occurs at around the 31:30 second mark of this video, when Lutz has been quoted as stating: “The Model Y, I think it is awful. I don’t know who’s going to purchase that. It’s another one of these humpback things such as the Model X.”

He proceeded to state that the Model Y is “neither a sport utility nor a Condo, and to the extent that it sells, so I don’t think it’s going to break into a new section. I think the sales will be mainly substitutional to the Model 3’s.”

Though it’s apparent that Tesla will let form follow function, calling the Model Y “terminally ugly” might be a bit harsh, seen as there are tons of compact crossovers out there that aren’t exactly what you might call stunning.

Lutz went to address Tesla’s upcoming Roadster and Semi by stating: “I don’t think that they will do this sport car. They aren’t going to do the Semi. Because that market is not enough to make a huge difference, When they did, they would be exceedingly foolish. ”

As for Tesla having an advantage over additional carmakers with respect to battery technologies, Lutz believes that the EV-maker simply has “more image worth than an equal electrical Chevrolet. ”

“I continue to believe this, and I keep repeating ad nauseam: when it comes to electrification technology, Tesla is in the exact identical place as everyone else, they use lithium-ion. The sole reason Tesla had scope was since they had a battery. ”

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However, because InsideEVs points out, the California-based automaker certainly has more going for it than simply batteries. They give customers advanced technologies such as Autopilot and Smart Summon, and their automobiles are commonly considered to be remarkably quick, practical, today and frugal , well-built too.

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