‘B*tch, you think you’re slick?’: TikToker accuses car wash of damaging his Tesla, destroying dashcam footage



A TikToker is blasting a car wash and detailing shop in Orlando, Florida that he says damaged his Tesla and tried to destroy the evidence.

Creator @bryanthediamondan influencer with over 3 million followers on TikTok, shared that he had taken his Tesla to be comprehensive in Sparkling Image, a business located in Orlando where he resides.

“Tell me how I take my car to get detailed at Sparkling Image, I think that’s what the fucking place is called,” he rants in the movie. “They had good reviews online, I took it to go get detailed. When I go to get my car, I notice that my flash drive inside my car is literally broken in half.”


Tesla vehicles can save dashcam footage onto a little flash drive which is in the car. With no flash drive undamaged, Bryan said he cannot directly see the footage of somebody back ending his car. He maintained the flash drive had to be intentionally broken, as he’d verified with the business that they were conversant with handling Teslas.

“They broke my dashcam so I can’t see the fact that they hit my car, and when I asked to see footage of the property, he literally said no,” Bryan said in his TikTok. “He just said no. So I think ok, you think you’re slick, so I called the police and filed a police report because fuck you, you’re not going to get away with that.”

Then he called in the big guns–Tesla itself.

“I called Tesla, because bitches really think they’re slick, but in case some people didn’t know, whenever my vehicle is hit, it sends footage to Tesla, babe,” Bryan said. “The dashcam is the only way that I can see it, but Tesla can see you hitting my fucking car, bitch. So now, I wanna see what’s gonna be poppin’, because I’m getting a brand new fucking bumper and they’re gonna repair my fucking car, and they get in trouble trying to eliminate it”


The Yelp page for the shop, Sparkling Image, indicates that it is under an”Unusual Activity Alert”after receiving a number of testimonials referencing the episode. None of those ratings are currently available on the platform, pending inspection from Yelp regarding their validity.


Preexisting Yelp and Google testimonials detail issues with satisfaction of support, the job performed, and rudeness of employees. There are some excellent reviews in the mix, but currently the business is in a three-star rating on Yelp and one-point-nine celebrities on Google.

In a follow-up movie, Bryan shared that his fans had been trying to leave bad reviews about his experience, but he claimed they were getting deleted by the firm.


The company hasn’t publicly confirmed that it had been responsible for the damage into Bryan’s Tesla. The Daily Dot has reached out to Sparkling Image and Bryan.

The article ‘B*tch, you think you’re sleek? ’: TikToker accuses automobile wash of damaging his Tesla, destroying dashcam footage appeared initially on The Daily Dot.

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