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Cadillac’s Latest Concept Aims to Be the Standard of the Air


We have seen the near future of Cadillac and it covers a good deal of ground, from refined flagships to sensible SUVs to even, yes, even boxy self-driving ride-share pods plus a flying car. All those were on screen during a lengthy presentation from General Motors at the virtual 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as part of their keynote speech by the automaker’s chairman and chief executive officer Mary Barra.

Let’so visit the wildest original: The flying Cadillac that looks like a cross between a drone and a helicopter. It’so tough to tell if it’s a single-seater or if you’re able to squeeze into a second passenger, but in any event, an Escalade that is not. And GM is not providing additional details at this time, therefore, um, the sky’s the limitation on speculation .

The eVOL concept is Cadillac (and GM’s) initial foray into airborne mobility and contains a 90-kW electric motor to power rotors for vertical takeoff and landing. The aircraft could hit speeds up to 56 mph. It was designed so that, because you fly quietly over more terrestrial traffic, you now ’re afforded a panoramic view under, says Michael Simcoe, GM vice president of international design.

Cadillac’s Ride-Sharing Shuttle Concept

Also from the Cadillac future endeavors portfolio is really a self-driving cube: a folks mover with sliding doors and a major glass roof. It doesn’t soar but without the requirement to get a steering wheel or pedals, the interior is taken up with a white sofa that rings the bunny so passengers can converse while sipping their martinis (perhaps). Simcoe called it that a “societal area to get a bunch of friends or family to spend time together in their way to a destination. ”

The whimsical future ideas on social interactions with different people in closed spaces were all GM provided CES attendees. Viewers got a glimpse of the tasteful Cadillac Celestiq flagship sedan concept and the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq electric midsize crossover. YesGeneral Motors supposed it said Cadillac would lead the charge to an all-electric future. GM is spending $27 billion to create autonomous and electric vehicles with programs to provide 30 all-electric vehicles globally by the end of 2025.

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