California utilities are offering bigger EV rebates for 2019 – SCE $1,000, PG&E $800



Last year, California utilities started offering rebates to EV-owning clients  according to a simple application procedure with few strings attached.   Last year, California will be releasing more money to utilities for all these programs, and also in reaction utilities have significantly raised the available incentives – SCE’s rebate has gone from $450 to $1,000, and PG&E has upped everywhere from $500 to $800.

PG&E’s new lien applies to any application received after January 1 – so when you got an EV for Christmas (perhaps during Tesla’s year-end Shipping hurry ), hold off in your application for a Few days to spare $300.   SCE’s home only applies to automobiles purchased or leased after January 1.   If you just got your car, then you ’ll need to settle for the older $450 lien, however that may help reduce the sting of missing out on the full federal tax charge if you require delivery of a Model 3 early next calendar year, or some Bolt after GM’s tax charge is decreased at the second half of third year.

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