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Can Self-Driving Cars Help Defeat Coronavirus?


The personal and financial impacts of this COVID-19 pandemic have demanded globe leaders to resort previously unimaginable tactics — such as shutting down entire cities. Could automobiles be another solution to beating COVID-19 or preventing potential pandemics?

How cars can help during the COVID-19 emergency

“Having a vehicle that drives itself is the answer to a great deal of now ’s problems, especially in this pandemic,” states Michael Lowe, CEO of Car Passionate.

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It’s long been known that autonomous vehicles offer the potential to minimize human error in addition to our carbon footprint; as Lowe points out, the majority of these cars being developed are electrical. Now, they pose another advantage: shield in the fight against a sidewalk.

While rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft are taking steps to safeguard their drivers during the COVID-19 pandemic, as humans, these workers are still exposing themselves to the possibility of contracting and transmitting the virus.”

A fleet of driverless vehicles may shuttle people without symptoms to the shop or transport sick patients to receive medical care without denying a motorist ’s infection, in turn sparing not only the drivers’ households , but all subsequent riders a driver would have interacted with during the day. With appropriate cleaning practices, driverless rideshares can protect both drivers and riders.

For an industry where one company, Uber, finished a mean of 14 million trips every day, the impact may be considerable.

Are we there yet?

Though there have been proven applications for utilizing self-driving vehicles in this pandemic by distributing personal and medical equipment, experts say we’re much farther apart from transporting people.

“Self-driving technology is actually nowhere near being able to really ferry passengers around with a human in the motorist ’s seat prepared to intervene to stop catastrophe,” states Amy Finlay, Co-founder of Edinburgh IFA.

How COVID-19 is impacting self-driving cars

Businesses have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic . Self-driving businesses are no exception. “It will definitely have an influence on the advancement of the development of the self-driving technologies,” Finlay states.

While this technology intends to develop automobiles that will operate without needing a human driver, people are still involved by the process of creating and testing these vehicles, and now those workers are subject to rigorous social measures.

In reality driverless businesses have responded to the COVID-19 catastrophe with restrictions on operations. Waymo posted an update to its site announcing that its solutions will be ldquo;suspended for now, together with local shipping and truck testing. ”

The future of self-driving cars

Though technology is not prepared to transport individuals in this pandemic automobiles have the potential.

Cars that could transport anything without putting their passengers could not impede the spread of an infectious illness, but also support social distancing and delivery efforts when required.

Experts agree that Tesla is revealing the largest promise when it comes to this type of technology. “Other companies like Toyota, Audi and even Google are developing self-driving automobiles, however, Tesla has experienced the earliest start,” states Lowe.

Finlay explains another reason why Tesla is really far ahead: “Tesla includes a worldwide system of vehicles which consumers have really paid for the freedom of driving, and even paid extra to be in a position to have the fully automatic driving alternative within their vehicle. ”

As companies race toward the very first autonomous vehicle, they are developing technologies to help the world defeat another pandemic.

Experts cited
Michael Lowe

Michael Lowe

A lifelong car enthusiast, Michael is the CEO of both Car Passionate. Follow Car Passionate on Twitter.

Amy Finlay

Amy Finlay

Amy is passionate about the autonomous vehicles sector and is the Co-Founder of all Edinburgh IFA.

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