Canadian Workers Call For Boycott Of Mexico-Made Cars, To GM’s Ire



On Thursday morning, over 300 associates of Canada’s Unifor workers’ union and fans marched in front of GM’s headquarters in Oshawa, Ontario. They held banners which include: “Greedy Motors”, “Loyalty works both ways” and “GM betrayed Canadian taxpayers”, together with all the Union urging Canadians to boycott vehicles created in Mexico.

The call comes following General Motors stated in November that it would end down the Oshawa plant by the end of this season leading to thousands of job dropped, within a restructuring plan to cut costs and redirect investments to electric and autonomous cars.

The protesters objective is to maintain the Oshawa plant operating, together with the facility’therefore chairman Greg Moffatt telling the Detroit Free Press that when the mill closes, then some 5,000 jobs will be in danger between Oshawa and surrounding provider companies.

“We’re not going away, we’re likely to continue to press on General Motors,” he said.

Unifor, Canada’s largest private sector union, is currently calling for a boycott on the purchase of Mexican made GM cars, unless the automaker keeps manufacturing going in Canada.

Upon hearing this, General Motors published a statement asserting that a boycott of Mexico-made automobiles could create collateral damage throughout the wider Ontario market, which has over 60 Ontario-based auto parts firms supporting Mexico production.

“The treat of collateral harm for Ontario based auto suppliers, auto dealers and employees is about, especially for an Ontario market that is currently open for business, with each chance to currently gain from increased trade with Mexico,” said GM Canada vice president, David Paterson.

The U.S. carmaker also made certain to mention that since 2009, it has reinvested over $100 billion to Canada through manufacturing, bought services and products, also more than $8 billion spent into employee pensions.

Last year in November, GM stated that it doesn’t have a workable business situation for keeping production at the Oshawa Assembly plant past the conclusion of this year, due to numerous economic factors such as rapid developments in the North American vehicle market, the blackout of Oshawa goods and persistent reduced utilization at the plant.

The union remains unconvinced

Yet, Unifor leaders won’t be swayed, confirming that more protests will take place at yet-undisclosed places, including now in addition to during the Detroit Auto Show’s staying public days.

. ⁦@GMcanada⁩ Oshawa employees at bill of boycott of Mexican-made ⁦@GM⁩ vehicles. “If the VIN begins with 3 rsquo & it;s not for me! ” #SaveOshawaGM

— Unifor Canada (@UniforTheUnion) January 25, 2019

“One thing which ’s for certain, this plant is not likely to close,” stated Unifor president Jerry Dias while speaking to protesters yesterday afternoon. “GM signed. Our anger and our tenacity is all that they are not living up to the term. ”

Dias made sure to say that he would not desire Canadian clients to stop buying GM cars in general, seen as the other Canadians still contribute to creating a number of these versions.

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