Check Out How Fast The Tesla Model Y Performance Does The 0-60 mph And 1/4 Mile



Not long after the initial clients started to receive their Tesla Model Ys, the DragTimes YouTube channel has put the top-of-the-range Performance version through its paces.

The owner of the Vehicle substituted in his four-year-old Tesla Model S P100D for the Model Y Performance. Since you&rsquo, the organization & rsquo;d imagine;s new SUV isn’t quite as blisteringly but it is no slouch.

Powering the Model Y Performance really are a pair of electric motors and Tesla states it can hit 60 mph (96 km/h) in 3.5 seconds. While studying the electric SUV out on the street, Brooks was able to capture just a 0-60 mph time of 3.4 minutes. He remarks that the SUV doesn’t seem to pull quite as sharply as the Model 3 Performance off the line but it starts to feel more powerful as it gathers speed.

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Down load the quarter-mile, a best time of 11.9 minutes at 116 mph (186 km/h) has been place, both very notable figures and about on par with the Model 3 Performance. Tesla states that the Model Y Performance tops out at 150 mph (241 km/h). Brooks was able to drive the car into an indicated 150 mph on the speedometer( which translated into 148 mph (238 km/h) on the GPS.

It’therefore not only the straight-line grunt which makes the Model Y Performance impressive. Shortly before deliveries commenced, Tesla revealed its array was enhanced from 280 miles (450 kilometers ) to 315 miles (507 km) on a single charge. That’therefore precisely the same range since the Model Y Long Range.

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