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Cybertruck Towing Capacity: How Much Can Tesla’s Truck Tow?


The Tesla Cybertruck is 1 monster of a truck for multiple factors. In addition to its ultra modern design which looks like nothing else available on the marketplace, Tesla has equipped it with a number of the best towing capability round.

Founded in 2019, the Cybertruck is still among the toughest vehicles in Tesla to date.  It is the first-ever truck out of Tesla, the exoskeleton design is wholly original compared to anything else, and it has the ability to back up its eccentric design. Touting around 500+ miles of scope, a 0-60mph rate of 2.9 minutes for its tri engine model, and all of the self-driving smarts Tesla is known for, it is safe to state that the Cybertruck packs an interesting punch.

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With any truck, electric or gas, among the most important specs to think about is its towing capability. Whether someone is hauling timber, a camper, a ship, or anything else in between, with sufficient towing capability is vital. Luckily, this is an area where Tesla provides with Cybertruck. For the $39,900 Single Motor RWD model, Tesla elevates over 7,500 lbs of towing capability. This should be enough for’normal’ use, but for people that plan on transporting a great deal of heavy equipment, Tesla has them covered.

Moving a step up is the $49,900 Dual Motor AWD setup of this Cybertruck. It’s a dual motor design with all-wheel drive (as its name suggests ), and because of its towing capability, it goes around 10,000+ lbs. That’s substantially more leeway for heavy lots, not to mention that the addition of all-wheel drive leading to easier handling in demanding conditions. This also increases the speed and acceleration of this Cybertruck. Where the Single Motor RWD model provides 250+ miles of range along with a 0-60 time of about 6.5 seconds, the Dual Motor AWD version enriches individuals to 300+ mph and 4.5 seconds, respectively.

If 10,000 lbs of capacity still is not enough, there is always the Tri Motor AWD alternative. It is the priciest of the group at $69,900, however, it is also the most impressive. Towing capacity goes all of the way around 14,000+ lbs, which is one of the best of any consumer truck available on the market. The Ford F-150 Lightningram, for instance, includes a max towing capacity of around 10,000 lbs. That’s still very good, but Tesla obviously has the upper hand. And there are several other perks that include all the Tri Moto AWD model. Complete array goes all of the way around 500+ mph, and also for drivers that want to go very fast, the 0-60 time is all about 2.9 minutes. That may be overkill for some people, but it is great the option is there for motorists that could benefit from all that power.

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