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Datacenter UPS Heads Home for Off-Grid Power Solution


The news sites seem never to be without stories of Elon Musk and his ventures, be they transit tube tubes at private not-a-flamethrowers, space flight, or vacuum. Famous for electrical vehicles, Musks’s Tesla also includes a line of products and provides the Powerwall home battery power system. All these are exemptions with solar panels to anybody, however, the price for one isn ’ t.

[Nathann]’s budget couldn’t stretch into a Powerwall, however he’d have access to a hefty ex-datacentre uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and a large quantity of lead-acid cells. From this he constructed his own off-the-grid energy at the basement of their home. It’s not as tasteful as a Powerwall, but nevertheless, it can power the home on use, so he asserts.

The setup is more of technology, but the logistics of dealing with almost 100 cells are taxing. The UPS requires four battery packs, each clocking in at 288 V. The cells are joined with aluminum straps, as well as current and the voltage is not for the faint-hearted. An accidental vaporized a battery terminal and a screw; we put fuses if this were our home.

The batteries are kept atop brick columns in the event the basement floods on wooden pallets. The cellar setup is ready for the accession of solar and wind-based off-grid sources. Your battery power solution won’t be as hair-raising, however it s likely to become more affordable. This isn’t the first such endeavor we’ve noticed, though others usually go for 18650 Li-Ion cells, the use of acid stays a viable and economical solution.

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