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We’ve been out in Portugal, surfing in a graphene wetsuit from Deeply. Here’s what we made of it
deeply wetsuit review

It’s here, 4/3 season (more like ‘time to get in the tube season’ am-I-right?). Anyway, Deeply have produced a wetsuit that could have come out of the Tesla factory – one that’s perfect for those colder water surfing sessions. This wetsuit has a graphene lining, you see. Yes, that’s right, you heard me – graphene!

As the water gets colder and the waves turn on, you have to leave your thinner wetsuit in the cupboard and reach for the thicker rubber. This leaves some of us in a state of despair as we reminisce about the easy paddling summer days, beers on the beach, warm glow of the sun slipping over the horizon… wake up, the waves are pumping! 

“Wake up, the waves are pumping!”

When you need a suit that is going to pack some serious warmth, while also allowing you to move freely and easily, you should look no further than the Deeply Competition 4/3. 

Firstly the suit is made with the highest quality LP Neoprene, which is both extremely light and very flexible. This type of neoprene is closed-cell, which is great as it means that it doesn’t absorb too much water. This is made with the brand’s eco-friendly Limestone formula so it gets the thumbs up on the sustainability front too (which is nice).

Pictured: Graphene lining on the inside of the wetsuit

The seams are glued and blind stitched. This gives them extra reinforcement and means that water is not going to seep into the wetsuit. This, in turn, improves the lifespan of the product. 

The upper-body right down to the knees features the new Deeply Graphene FastDry lining – this technology improves heat retention, and improves the drying speed once you’re out of the water.

Graphene is a futuristic material that was only recently discovered (1962 is pretty recent considering how long scientists have been, you know, ‘sciencing’). It has amazing thermal properties and is incredibly durable – two things this reviewer definitely looks for in a suit. 

Pictured: Carving a ‘G’ for Graphene

After a handful of sessions the suit will start to adapt to your body shape. Something to think about when you’re going big time on those pastel de natas. The wetsuit features memory foam recovery – giving you the perfect fit and a longer lasting fato (Portuguese for wetsuit). Sturdy knee pads are also built in, something which should be reassuring when you’re heading towards the more gnarly spots. 

deeply wetsuit review

Pictured: Johanne Defay, Deeply team rider

Overall, we have been really impressed with this wetsuit. It’s awesome to see this Portuguese brand pushing the limit with what is possible in wetsuit technology. If they keep making suits like this, everyone is going to be rocking a Deeply in the water. Obrigado!


For more information on the Deeply Competition 4/3 Wetsuit, head here.

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