Deliverability is Simple, Right?



“Most of my prior companies utilize Return Path nevertheless, to be clear, I don’t really know exactly what you do. ”

I’ve heard that statement on more than 50 events in the previous 2 decades and when I doit always makes me grin.

It’s remarkable, indeed, how Return Path has acquired over 2,500 clients (including most of the planet ’s largest brands) since 1999 and yet so few men and women know what we do and how we can do it. Return Path, it seems, is among the best/worst keys in email advertising. But a secret it’s!

The general consensus amongst entrepreneurs would be that we function from the dark and muddy depths of this email ecosystem, where so few have ventured and even fewer have returned……

As a member of their sales team here really is, for the large part, a favorable. It’s a opportunity to remind, to inform, to instruct, to form, and overall, I’d prefer to think the buying process for new clients is a pleasant one.

I guess it has to be somewhat like buying a hybrid or electric vehicle for the very first time should you’t only ever purchased petrol or diesel. You know that Tesla/BMW/Toyota have an fantastic reputation, the new models are famous for their quality and efficiency and that lots of your friends are making the change, however, you’re comfortable with the status quo and may require a ‘nudge’ to completely understand or appreciate the worth of new strategies.

It’s the last portion of the analogy, ‘the worth of new strategies ’, which to me is the most fascinating and where Return Path was quietly innovating for some time. Many experienced email marketers may, at a high level, consider Return Path for a firm focused purely on deliverability. Whilst that is true, I’d prefer to question that assumption purely on the basis that ‘deliverability’ as a wide subject isn’t well known.

The image below, that is popular and often surprising to the marketing teams I regularly pose to, highlights many of the areas/metrics that will affect your email programs deliverability and ultimately, the revenue you generate as a result.

Be honest now, how many of these metrics will be you currently 1) acquainted with and 2) knowingly monitoring?

List (acquisition, permissioning & cleanliness )
Delivery Plan (frequency, cadence, quantity )
Blocking & Bouncing (throttling, firewalls, anonymous users or addresses)
Competition (related supplies, changing interests)
Engagement (complaints, Microsoft ‘Spam Fighter’ votes, feedback loops)

Do you have a headache yet?

This isn’t a set of metrics typically found to fall under the umbrella of ‘deliverability’, however, all of these have to be considered if you would like to continue to maintain or increase the worth of your email program.

Even for experienced email marketers, many places detailed above are hard to understand and even harder to track and manage on an ongoing basis. Thankfully,  due to Return Path’s quite unusual but quite powerful data-sharing relationships with 70+ mailbox suppliers, we’re able to shine a light on a lot of them ‘masked ’ along with ‘unidentified ’ metrics to enhance your decision making process for advertising professionals.

At this stage,you’re thinking, ‘So how, precisely, could accessibility to those metrics or data really help me resolve my issues? ’

In my next postI’m going to examine that further, detailing three of the biggest challenges we’t assisted email marketers solve in 2018.

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