Designing the Power Markets of Tomorrow



We’re days off from the second yearly Power & Renewables Summit at Austin, Texas.

Combine GTM for a two-day event focused on how major industry shifts — from accelerated renewable energy installation, to electric vehicle mass adoption, to the evolution of energy storage capacities and more — will establish electricity markets over the subsequent two decades.

Why should you attend? We’re bringing together the top executives from utilities, grid operators, investment banks, investment banks, developers, asset owners, landlords and technology vendors to shed light on our many pressing questions.

We’ll listen directly from the business leaders including Shell, FERC, Tesla, ERCOT, LADWP, First Solar, AEP, Xcel Energy, Volkswagen, APS, MISO, Exelon, Avangrid Renewables, Organic Valley, GE, State Street and much more.

Topics covered will include: 

The Power Markets of Tomorrow.  How decarbonization, industry electrification and decentralization will establish electricity requirement in the next 10-20 years.

Financing Renewable Projects in an Era of Record-Low Wholesale Prices. Hedging, corporate and virtual PPAs as resources for basis risk mitigation.

Changing Policies Impacting Wind and PV Project Finance.  PTC and ITC stepdowns, corporate tax reform, solar and aluminum commerce tariffs and Chinese PV demand regeneration.

Seamless Integration of Renewables: Market Design and Opportunities. Assessing storage’s potential for disturbance and how dispersed resources are interacting with electricity markets in a wholesale level.

The Future of Baseload Power from the U.S. Potential situations for a national mandate on nuclear and coal plants and what it means for U.S. electricity markets.

Long-Term Resource Planning for Utilities and Grid Operators.  Assessing procurement and decreasing expenses.

Pay attention to the event website here to find out more and make sure that you combine the GTM team in Austin on November 13-14.


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