Detroit Rock (Hard) City: Motorcycle Gets Stuck In Wet Concrete



Road construction signs are there for a reason and it appears one motorcyclist at Detroit discovered that the hard way.

While specifics are restricted, someone managed to capture a movie of a motorcycle captured in wet concrete. Because you may see, the bike’s back tire is halfway submerged along with a massive section of the motorcycle is covered in cement.

Unsurprisingly, the riders isn’t thrilled because he can been seen walking away, stomping his feet and flailing his arms. This is undoubtedly an attempt to find the concrete off until it dries.

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There’s no clue on the length of time the bike was stuck in the cement, but a construction worker can be seen on the phone calling at the incident. Hopefully, help came quickly and they were able to find the motorcycle into a vehicle wash before the cement set.

It remains unclear exactly how the incident occurred, but the beginning of the video shows the roadway was clearly blocked off with traffic cones. As a result, it’s potential the rider didn’t even notice the construction or was only trying to ride through the construction site unaware there was moist concrete. Irrespective of what occurred, they’re probably regretting it.

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