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Do crystals give healing powers.


Nikola Tesla says, “In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principal, and though we can not understand the life of a Crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.”

They say if you treat crystals well they will send you things like a storage device more efficiently. By cleansing the rocks. This sounds very hippie or what not but it has become one of the biggest trends or modern day spiritual practices that people do when it comes to releasing chakras and third eye meditation.

It is proven that the law vibration vibration is real, if you don’t believe that or understand it that well do not reply to this post. As well as astral projection being involved with this topic. Because that has also been confirmed. So knowing these very subjects may cause confusion, but knowing that there are these topics that we know so little about, maybe we know so little about crystals.

Let’s get all points of view to talk about.

Is crystals real?

“ If you have crystals, you do not need to start treating them as pets or family members. However, when you care for them and treat them well, they will work better and help you more efficiently.

Crystals are known for their healing properties. However, they can somehow communicate and transmit messages. Crystals work the same way as storage devices and contain information that a person can download. Working with crystals can help you learn and receive new information. If you get crystals, you need to clean them and make them yours. Otherwise, you can have unusual dreams or feel slightly different because the crystals carry the energy of their previous owners. Some people use crystal effectively as a portal for access to higher dimensions, and they connect to other light beings using their crystals and dreams. Marcel Joseph Vogel (1917 – 1991) was a research scientist for IBM’s San Jose facility for 27 years. He received numerous patents for his inventions during this time. Among these was the magnetic coating for the 24” hard disc drive systems still in use. His areas of expertise were phosphor technology, liquid crystal systems, luminescence, and magnetics. In the 1970’s Marcel did pioneering work in man-plant communication experiments. This led him to the study of quartz crystals and the creation of a faceted crystal that is now known as the Vogel-cut crystal. The Vogel-cut crystal is an instrument that serves to store, amplify, convert, and cohere subtle energies. Marcel’s research into the therapeutic application of quartz crystals led him to the investigation of the relationship between crystals and water. He discovered that he could structure water by spinning it around a tuned crystal, altering many of the characteristics of the water and converting it into an information storage system.”

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READ MORE AND LOOK INTO THIS PUBLISHER/WRITER Aug 28 2018 https://www.dtss.us/blog/tesla-knew-the-power-of-crystals/

What does your point of view think. Oneness, so respect all points of view. Namaste Tremor

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