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Dodge Charger tops HLDI’s list of most likely to be stolen vehicles


The Dodge Charger HEMI and the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat have been all
At the very peak of the Highway Loss Data Institute’s (HLDI)
most-stolen vehicles list this season. Both cars have theft rates
that are more than five times the average for both 2016-18 versions, with
the same as the Infiniti Q50, a midsize luxury sedan.

HLDI released its likely to be stolen list for 2016-2018
Models today (link to release), and nearly all 20
models using the highest theft rates have large engines or are
luxury vehicles or pickups.

At the Peak of the least stolen list is your two-wheel-drive BMW
A luxury sedan, 3 series. It had only 1 claim for
whole-vehicle thieving in 104,901 insured car years (an insured
car year is 1 vehicle insured for a single year).

The Tesla Model S and Model X are also on the least-stolen list.
A 2018 HLDI report revealed that electric vehicles from many different producers have lower theft claim rates than comparable
vehicles. Their reduced theft rate could possibly be due to the fact they are
usually parked in garages or near a home to be near a power

The Cadillac Escalade, which commanded HLDI’s
Rankings of most-stolen cars, is notably absent from this
year’s list. Part of this rationale is that you will find far more substantial luxury SUVs for thieves to select from but also because Cadillac
added enhanced security features beginning with the 2015 model

“The versions most likely to be stolen tend to be strong,
Costly or pickups, however vehicle theft can be a crime of
opportunity,” states HLDI Senior Vice President Matt Moore.
“Better security features on all vehicles are the best method to tackle the problem. ”

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