Home News Doug DeMuro Is Blown Away By Some Aspects Of The Tesla Model S Plaid

Doug DeMuro Is Blown Away By Some Aspects Of The Tesla Model S Plaid

Doug DeMuro Is Blown Away By Some Aspects Of The Tesla Model S Plaid

The Tesla Model S Plaid is the electric car of the moment and Doug DeMuro recently had the opportunity to put it through its paces. He was very impressed with what he found, even though he acknowledges that the car has its faults.

The tri-motor powertrain of the Model S Plaid is, of course, the real headline of the car but as is typical of DeMuro’s reviews, he focuses on more than the powertrain with much of the review focused on the interior.

According to first-hand reports, the interior of the Model S Plaid is much better than pre-facelift models thanks to improved materials and updated technologies. While we haven’t had the opportunity to check out the car itself, it is said to be have the best fit and finish of any Tesla. However, DeMuro doesn’t believe the quality of the materials are as good as those of other luxurious sedans.

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He also notes some quality issues with the Model S Plaid he tested. For example, the driver’s side door handle would often get stuck and fail to retract into the bodywork like it should, not really acceptable for a car that costs $130,000.

Throughout the review, DeMuro also highlights some of the interesting pieces of tech found in the Model S Plaid. This includes the yoke steering wheel, the updated infotainment screen, and the second screen accessible to passengers sitting in the rear.

The ever-popular YouTuber then headed out onto the street to see what the Model S Plaid is like to drive. Obviously, he was stunned by its straight-line performance but not quite as impressed with the handling, suggesting that the smaller Tesla Model 3 Performance is better through corners.


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