Driver Crashes Into A Subway Restaurant … Upside Down



Through the years, we’ve seen plenty of vehicles wreck to shops , gas stations along with restaurants. However, most of them do this right-side up.

This wreck is New Kensington, Pennsylvania is definitely distinct since the driver of the sedan reversed the car minutes before crashing to a Subway restaurant on its roof.

Details are limited, however Pittsburgh’s WPXI accounts that the crash happened at roughly 2:30 am local time Thursday. The channel goes on to say surveillance cameras out of a nearby Avis caught the motorist going northbound on Stevenson Boulevard before turning right onto Baldrick Street. Less than a minute after, the automobile was seen heading southbound on Stevenson Boulevard when it hit a curb, rolled and then crashed to the restaurant upside down.

The narrative doesn’t finish there since the driver exited the car, apparently unharmed, and then attempted to reverse the sedan over. The motorist also attempted to get 2 bystanders to assist him, but their attempts were unsuccessful.

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The man took off before police arrived and officials are now looking for him. While authorities harbor ’t revealed the motorist ’s individuality, the channel says they know the car didn’t even belong to him since the car’s owner contacted authorities.

Even though WPXI doesn’t fancy, CBS Pittsburgh accounts the vehicle is believed to appeal to the parents of their girlfriend who is dating the motorist. If that’s the case, authorities shouldn’t even have too much trouble identifying the man and eventually arresting him.

If the man is caught, he could be facing a range of charges including leaving the scene of a accident. The driver might also be made to pay for the damages to the restaurant along with the vehicle.

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