Earth Matters: ZETA pushes for all electric vehicle sales by 2030; Portuguese youths sue on climate



Twenty-eight companies join forces to drive for all electrical car revenue by 2030: With names such as Tesla, Lucid, PG&E, ConEdison, along with Uber, the firms have formed that the Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA) to search 100% electrical car sales in just a decade. Not only passenger automobiles, but also the whole line-up of light-, medium-, and heavy duty vehicles. This ’s ambitious even than California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s September executive movement to ban sales of new fossil fuel-powered passenger automobiles and trucks from 2035.  Joe Britton, who spent 15 years trying to find Sen. Ben Nelson and Sen. Mark Udall, is ZETA’s executive director. He said, “For the first time in a generation, transport is the top emitter of all U.S. carbon emissions.  By adopting EVs, federal policymakers can help drive innovation, produce hundreds of thousands of fresh jobs and enhance air quality and public health. ZETA’s formation recognizes a pivotal moment for federal leadership and reflects the will of the developing clean transport industry. The next decade will be crucial in implementing federal policies which accelerate the transition into zero emissions vehicles and also help address these problems head-on. The fresh auto industry already boasts hundreds of thousands of jobs but, if we promote its expansion, the United States can decisively win the global race to develop a fresh clean transport economy and employ hundreds of thousands of Americans right here at home. ” 

Among the issues ZETA will promote: outcome-driven customer EV incentives; emissions/performance criteria; investments in battery charging infrastructure; policies spurring national production; federal research and development, and federal leadership in collaboration with countries and other sub-national entities.

New Zealand declares climate emergency: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced a”climate emergency” on Wednesday, noting that the science on climate change is very clear and actions has to be taken.  “In those cases where we do issue declarations,” she said, “it is often where there is a threat to life, a threat to property, and civil defense emergencies.  Vote in favor of this declaration, be on the right side of history, be part of the solution we must collectively deliver for the next generation.  If we do not respond to climate change, we will continue to have these emergencies on our shores.” The members voted 76-43 for its movement, which is mostly symbolic. The major opposition party noticed in an announcement the movement was only”virtue signaling.”  In May 2019, Britain was the first state to declare a climate emergency, and since then more than a dozen others and 1,800 towns and other communities have followed suit, according to The Climate Mobilization, a U.S.-based activist group. Some critics state Ardern’s pronouncements aren’t paired with her words. For example, Greenpeace noted that her pledge for the country to develop into carbon-neutral from 2050 provides a move to one of New Zealand’s leading greenhouse gas resources –methane–to protect the country ’s big and lucrative agricultural industry. 

Flared natural gas is burned off in Apache Corporations surgeries in the Deadwood plant at the Permian Basin at Garden City, Texas.

Study shows Americans have a more positive opinion of “natural gas” than of “methane”: According to a survey of nearly 2,000 people from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, Americans have a more positive perception of the term”natural gas” than words which have the word”methane,” although natural gas will be 70-90percent methane.  The Yale team asked respondents–split about evenly between Republicans and Democrats–to rate their negative and positive opinions about”natural gas,””natural methane gas,””methane” or”methane” gas.  Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale program and research co-author, stated the word”natural” itself is a”very positive term in most people’s minds” and provides a boost to the word”gas” on its own. “That’s part of it,” Leiserowitz informed Carlos Anchondo in EnergyWire.  “And then the other is that there’s just been a decades-long, massive, multiple million-dollar advertising campaign by the natural gas industry to promote its product as natural gas–and moreover, to literally argue that natural gas is clean energy, so they have coupled that, in many people’s minds, as natural gas: clean, clean natural gas.”  David Turnbull, tactical communications director with Oil Change International, a company promoting a transition away from fossil fuels, said that the survey results are hardly surprising because industry leaders and representatives”paint a picture of gas as something different from what it is: a dirty fossil fuel that threatens communities and our climate.” In an email, he said,”We need decision makers and the public to be dealing in reality and not the distorted landscape that gas industry propaganda creates,” 

TikTok celebrities and YouTube players are climate warriors,” states Bloomberg: Both Millennials and Generation Z desire action. For the majority of all Americans born between 1995 and 2000, climate change has been on top of the list of problems needing to be addressed, based on a 2019 Amnesty International poll . Meanwhile, according to the Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2020, approximately four out of five respondents think companies and authorities should make greater efforts to safeguard the environment. 

The videogame company, which created $120.1 billion in revenue in 2019, is taking note. Twenty eight businesses with a combined audience of over 970 million gamers have combined the United Nations’ Playing for its Planet Alliance, vowed to reduce emissions and also to add green components into games.

Microsoft, which has guaranteed  to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it has emitted by 2050, is creating its own Xbox carbon impartial . Its direct competitor, Sony’s PlayStation, has enhanced the energy efficacy of its upcoming PS5.

Portuguese youths’ climate suit will be fast-tracked in Europe’s greatest court:  The suit, brought by six young people to the European Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg, France, accuses 33 European countries of violating their right to life by dismissing the climate catastrophe. The six will be Cláudia Agostinho (aged 21), Catarina Mota (20), respectively Martim Agostinho (17), Sofia Oliveira (15), respectively André Oliveira (12) and also Mariana Agostinho (8 ) ). They are attracting the situation  with all the nonprofit law firm Global Legal Action Network, which claims no nation has embraced satisfactorily ambitious targets to decrease their greenhouse gas emissions based on everything the Paris Climate Agreement calls for to maintain global average temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius over pre-industrial levels.  Here is the first climate suit to be filed with the court and may generate a landmark judgment.

Georgina Mace 

Georgina Mace, who formed the global endangered species Red List, dead at 67: Cancer shot Mace Sept. 19, but her death received little note. Among the planet ’s leading conservation biologists, she developed a solid scientific foundation for its Red List  of endangered species put together from International Union for Conservation of Nature as a way of helping ecological advocates to concentrate their efforts. Before Mace got involved, the Red List was  ldquo;a haphazard affair” when it was created in 1964, said Simon Stuart, director of strategic conservation for Synchronicity Earth, an environmental researcher, and also a former official of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. No clear criteria for inclusion on the record was available at the time.  Instead, “politics and characters played a large role in choices,” he also said in a phone interview with John Schwartz in The New York Times. The list in the time tended toward “charismatic” species, such as the fantastic apes. Mace was then working for the Zoological Society of London and started developing  a practical, rigorous strategy quickly applicable to thousands of species.  The list now includes more than 120,000 species of creatures, plants and fungi of that some 32,000 are listed as endangered. After Mace first started her efforts, these were seen as radical. But eventually others came around.  Nathalie Pettorelli, a senior scientist with the Zoological Society of London, stated of Mace, “She wasn’t the one which cried, but she was always the one which would be listened to. ” You can read a eulogy for the here.

Mobile River Basin, an American jungle, is being destroyed bit by little : It’therefore that the fourth largest river system in the country concerning water flow and one of the planet ’s richest regarding species and varieties of habitat. It contains hundreds of thousands of acres of woods, what writer and filmmaker Ben Raines calls “America’s Amazon,” which can be “far and away the most biodiverse river community in North America. ” But while this ecosystem has been able to remain mostly intact, it’s under assault now: Raines notes, “Tragically, it now sits on the cusp of decrease, confronting death by a thousand cuts, just as the scientific community has started to enjoy its own riches. Habitat destruction, development, and lax enforcement of environmental legislation conspire to have an increasing cost, making the place a global hot spot for extinctions, particularly of aquatic animals. ”

Sunrise Movement strategist Justin Guay says most significant climate legislation has already been passed: 

As it turns out, one of the most effective pieces of climate change legislation that the Biden government will need has already been passed: the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010. This law, known for producing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and other people protects against fiscal wrongdoing, also enables key agencies including the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve and the Securities and Exchange Commission to restrict systemic risks to fiscal stability.

The biggest systemic risk of them all, climate change, is pushed by reckless investments in fossil fuels, precisely the sort of speculative activities Dodd-Frank was developed to attract to a halt to be able to avoid a repeat of the 2008 fiscal catastrophe. That means Dodd-Frank provides the Biden government the ability to inhibit or prohibit investments in fossil fuels — an energy which may be crucial for achieving his assurance of providing a carbon-free power industry by 2035.

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