Electricity has destroyed the organic continuity of background. Because electricity fills humans using a charge which alters energy system.

At the very low electricity level we find our magnetic body which runs on fine and organically programmed energy. Our energy is hardly detectable by contemporary digital device standards. It provides just enough movement to the whole system biking theough each organ and extremity.

However, when you create an entirely new roof for the peak energy it surpasses our natural capability blowing out our system. Much like a climax we shoot out excess energy and it hurts our tissues which then heal. However, the overdose of electricity cuts larger holes than we could heal especially when we orgasm close electronic equipment. The energy blows out our natural capilaries. Leading to inability to heal. The edges are left serated from the cutting edge of a foreign exchange that we did not generate inside. The outside geometry is like a heartbeat sine wave or some digital amplitude which we are not ready to bear witness to and after heal.

First thing happens to a baby born in contemporary city is each natural facculty of human anatomy is wholly numbed. The fine sensitivity is lost to the consciousness of this subtle intelligent baby. Therefore that the body just randomly moves in the hopes of obtaining some hands. Remnants of bodily control are left in the older generations who continue a particular routine.

However, as generations era the antiquitous way of being fades. Together with more stimulation individuals become more and more hooked upon gross stimulation to allocate energy.

Food from denser animals provides the body some notion of how to function physically yet human touch is missing.

When one dissapears from supernatural stimulation that the dust settles in the body. The traces of our energy lines and centres become better. We reduce our tolerance for energy to regain electromagnetic sensitivity. Our hands and brain are so detailed and we were simply mashing it with stimulants and electricity. The garbage we eat has largely destroyed many fine networks in the brain network.

Being born in a hospital means the first light you see is more artificial. We’re brutally separated from all that is natural most people will never even gather what measure one of life is about. And as productions proceed such a thing will also turn to fantasy. Until the end when everybody is so dull we start to ritualise suicide for real. Like on goal self murder in legends.

There’s certainly a whole lot of wayward forces placing people into hopeless scenarios inside himself. Blurring the lines along with mashing alphabetti spaghetti into maze pulp. All of which forces generated and enforced by man.

And of course if we’d gone with tesla none of that could have occurred. This kind of power could be felt to be damaging to anybody who spends a minute away. Just charge your phone and see the kinds of pain you get by carrying this out. Most phone chargers aren't even connected to the Earth cable! Your personal computer psu is a death machine such as a car battery for your house. The television is a brutal radiator. All digital sound diminshes subtly tide perception utilizing sharp cuts over time damaging ears. Artificial light fries your eyeballs and skin sensitivity. All of this stuff destroys what you’re.

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