Electrifying a Honda NC50 Express



[Quasse] bought a 1978 Honda NC50 Express moped with the intent of fixing it up and riding itonly to discover that the engine has been beyond repair. They did what any self-respecting hacker would do: tear out the motor and replace it with an electrical one. It’s still a work in advance, however they have got it ready to go by replacing the engine with a Turnigy SK3 6374 motor, a 192KV motor that [Quasse] calculated need to have the ability to drive the scooter in just over 30 mph. Given this is the top rate the NC50 could manage on gasoline power, that’s a lot fast.

The last result runs pretty well and is surely an interesting build. [Quasse] goes into some detail about how they altered the scooter, such as milling out the motor components to match the electric motor in the existing area, 3D printing a holder for the sensors that track the motor speed, and laser cutting on a situation for your battery. There are also a lot of zip ties holding the wires in place, however as we mentioned it’s a work in progress. Street legal? Perhaps not, but it’s surely a fun job for something that was destined for the scrap heap.

We’ve noticed plenty of other electrical conversions , from a 1940’s gangster car to the Teslonda, a Frankenstein build of some Tesla along with Honda.

[Thanks for this tip, Rusty!]

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