ElectrIQ Raises $6 Million Seed Round to Finance Home Storage Push



Bay Area startup ElectrIQ raised a $6 million seed around to encourage its challenge.

Earlier this month, the company introduced a new product, the PowerPod, which packs 11 kilowatt-hours of energy capability, an inverter and smart house integration into a $8,999 package. This left the question of a 17-person startup could keep competition with the likes of Tesla’s Powerwall or LG Chem’s Resu.

The business offered up a few responses.

It has raised $6 million into a combination of new equity funding and debt transformation funding. GreenSoil Building Innovation Fund, a Canadian firm backed by real estate owners and developers, led the round, which also included several dozen smaller investors.

“This gives adequate capital to get us to scale in manufacturing and the volumes we’re anticipating next year,” said Frank Magnotti, the board member who stepped into the CEO role with the funding. He previously co-founded Comverge, which connected up gigawatts' worth of demand response capability and made it into an IPO, then went private , and was obtained by Itron.

And heritage CEO Chad Manning has transferred into the main strategy officer role to focus on product development.

The funding also will encourage expanding ElectrIQ’therefore network of trained contractors, beefing up the sales force and ongoing research and development for new products.

It’ll want that so as to compete with Tesla, which popularized the house storage notion, or dwelling market pioneer Sunrun, which has sold storage using as much as 20 percent of its California deals in recent quarters.

ElectrIQ can behave more nimbly to make a product which pleases clients, Magnotti explained. Unlike many two competitors, ElectrIQ just makes storage systems; it isn&; rsquo;t even a negative hustle for a bigger business.

A different differentiator is presented by the smart house integration.

Sonnen’s U.S. branch staked a claim on storage for the connected home with a splashy launch at the luxury home automation industry convention in September. Its own ecoLinx program clocks in at $26,000 and integrates with automation protocols utilised for luxury houses in bespoke networked security lighting and audiovisual overhauls.

That leaves an opening for ElectrIQ to create house adopters that are smart at a lower cost point, with the kind of customers purchase in app and a shop for themselves.

GreenSoil’a differentiator is offered by therefore network of real estate pursuits that are innovation-hungry. The VC firm serves as a clearinghouse for technology that may be helpful for the builders among its LPs. It went so far as to install a ElectrIQ system at a construction in Toronto as a part of its due diligence.

“We turned into a customer initially, and we turned into a investor,” said Jamie James, general partner at GreenSoil. “We could de-risk throughout our expertise. ”

In the manner that Energy Impact Partners collapses and then joins the legacy energy businesses which finance it and startups, GreenSoil may open doors to get ElectrIQ into housing improvements more quickly than it otherwise could. Getting energy storage lowers the cost of installation in comparison to retrofits, and it wraps the sticker price in the home purchase, which makes for an easier sell.

Sonnen has made homebuilder partnerships a mainstay of its U.S. strategy; it’s working on a roughly 3,000-home project with Mandalay Homes in Arizona. It's much farther along in the fundraising section, with a $71 million round in May bringing its total to $180 million.

ElectrIQ has announced a pilot with Mattamy Homes, also in Arizona, as a test conducted for wider installation of energy storage from sustainably designed houses.

“We’re seeing it going toward a feature, such as having a refrigerator in the home, rather than a ‘fine to own ’ or feature,” Manning explained.

Manning has said his desire to take energy storage into mass-market adoption. Although $6 million independently won't fund that, it gives his company a opportunity to demonstrate it can acquire transfer units and clients at a market.


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